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Apr 23 2014

Take Our Quiz: What Facebook Marketer Type Are You?

With unpaid brand Facebook updates now reaching only 2-6% of fans and the reality that they may soon reach 0%, it’s time for us all to take a hard look at our approach to Facebook Marketing. Take our quiz to find out if you’re a Facebook Marketing realist, rebounder or opportunist! 1. My top goal for Facebook Marketing is to: a. build awareness b. educate about my brand, products or services c. rack up the sales 2. My plan to fix the problem of declining organic Facebook reach is to: a. be grateful that Facebook is actually...

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Apr 09 2014

How To Create an eBook

An eBook is any publication that can be read on a computer or other type of electronic device. They are not only a great mechanism for sharing information that can be utilized on several different platforms, but they are also a great source for engagement. For example, the standard eBook is shared and distributed into 4-7 blog posts, 1-2 infographics, one email campaign (which can be amplified with marketing automation software) and over 200 social media posts! There are four primary steps to creating an eBook. First: figure out the purpose...

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Apr 04 2014

More than Big Data, Listen for Insights

With the rise of digital marketing, so has been the rise of valuable data. There is no shortage of things to measure, and no shortage of tools to implement. We can capture and segment demographics, dissect behaviors such as likes, clicks, and shares. We can find the most relevant keywords and measure the most efficient ways to spend our budgets. We can plan our content and schedule it knowing the statistical best times of day to push it out. But your customers are not demographics or behaviors, they are people. Through...

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Mar 27 2014

Why is website content important?

Content is essential for modern marketing. In the age of on-demand and custom-curated content, brands need to contribute or they risk getting overlooked. The way to your consumers’ heart is through great content, which should do at least one of the following: Solve a problem Entertain Inform In addition to helping you attract, convert and maintain customers, content is essential for SEO, social media and PPC. SEO With Google’s new algorithm, content is more important than ever. In order to position yourself against your competition and have great search rankings, develop content that you know your...

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Mar 20 2014

Branding in Today’s Market

Branding in today’s market reaches far beyond a slogan, logo and color scheme. A company with a successful brand strategy can be recognized nationally and will help bring value to your business. There are several slip-ups that can be easy for a company to get stuck on as well as some tips that will help a company to succeed. Social media is a great place for your company to show its personality and find its voice. Customers feel more connected when a business is able to humanize its brand. This advocacy...

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Feb 14 2014

Don’t Let the Hecklers Get You Down, Shaun White.

The Olympic events are viewed by more than 3.2 billion people worldwide. It is a spectacle watched by patriotic supporters who are quick to celebrate a win but faster to criticize a loss. United by national pride, fans tune in to cheer on their athletes, a tradition that has taken place for more than 100 years. Athletes, branded by their national flags, are transformed into iconic heroes if successful or outcast as international disappointments if a mistake is made or loss occurs. This year’s Sochi Olympics were no different. Shaun White, a two-time...

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Jan 30 2014

Richard Sherman… a “Thug” or a Marketing Genius?

The story of Richard Sherman received a lot of coverage. This media blow-up was all due to just a few comments made by Sherman post making the game-winning tip in the end-zone which took the Seahawks to the Super Bowl. Let me preface this by saying I’m a born and raised Denver native, so I’ll still be rooting for my Broncos in the SB48. However, as a marketer, I can’t help but notice the sheer momentum a couple comments made after the big game and the goldmine created for Mr....

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Jan 23 2014


It’s happened before and it will happen again. Someone posted something on social media that shouldn’t have been posted, an explosion at a warehouse or a scandal with a CEO. Crises are a part of running a business and it is better to be prepared for them instead of being caught off guard. There are several easy actions that can help a company better prepare for all types of crisis:...

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Jan 09 2014

How the Justine Sacco Debacle Went from Unfortunate to Brilliant in Under 11 Hours

While there were several well-known social media blowups over the holidays, the Justine Sacco saga was by far the most infamous. It had all the elements of your typical social media comment gone wrong. For those of you unfamiliar, a communication executive made a really insensitive remark on Twitter which many people found hugely offensive. She was fired, made the usual apologies and deleted all social media presence. ...

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Dec 18 2013

A Look Back: Mambo Media’s Successful Year (including a great group #selfie)

Within the last year as the world “twerked” on, and people lived up to the mantra, “YOLO!” and touch technology entered our day-to-day lives, Mambo Media continued to be inspired and thankful for our client relationships. As we take a look back at 2013, our focus turns to our growing Mambo team and award-winning, collaborative and exciting campaigns we’ve produced to help grow businesses and brands: ...

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