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Understanding Facebook's Lookalike Audiences
Apr 27 2017

Understanding Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences

With 1.86 billion active users a month, Facebook has the largest audience of any social media platform in the world. A major advantage to advertising on Facebook is the ability to reach a large group of people who are similar to your target customer, based on their interests and behavior. Facebook Lookalike Audience targeting is one of the three types of “Custom Audiences” available for ad targeting. Using Lookalike Audiences, there’s no need to manage keywords or guess about customer interests. You can identify and target your audience by simply...

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Mar 15 2017

Mambo Wins Gold in 3 Categories for Our Work in Education Marketing

At Mambo, we cherish working with a wide variety of clients, from technology-focused B2B companies to consumer brands to nonprofits. One particular industry we love to serve is education. We’ve partnered with organizations that focus on all aspects of learning, from statewide departments to branches of higher education. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that Mambo was recently recognized for our work by the Higher Education Marketing Report’s Education Digital Marketing Awards.   This year, we were honored with gold awards in three categories! Join us as we dive into the...

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Feb 09 2017

Why Messaging Apps Are the Next Big Thing in Social Media

Remember the first text message you ever sent? Besides the 160 character limit, uncertain deliverability, and difficulty in keeping track of conversations, SMS used to be pricey. Carriers set a cap on messages sent and received per month, and would charge customers for each text that exceeded the limit.   At their inception, messaging apps were created to be a solution for this problem; WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and others came into popularity as many people—especially those outside the U.S.—opted out of expensive SMS plans. But times have changed, and messaging apps...

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Jan 31 2017

3 Reasons Why Content Marketers Must Up Their Game in 2017

We’ve all heard it, “Content Is King”. But as more and more companies have embraced content marketing, the pool is now so large, it can be hard for brands to be heard. Have emerging platforms, new technologies, and increased competition all contributed to the dethroning of content?   Despite these changes to content marketing, marketers that have continued to evolve their strategies still believe that content marketing reigns supreme. This blog post will explore a few reasons why you may have seen a dip in your contents’ effectiveness, and then outline six...

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Jan 03 2017

Mambo Media’s 2017 Digital Marketing Trends: Part 2

In Part Two of our digital marketing trends blog series, more Mambo team members share their 2017 marketing predictions. Did you miss part 1 of our Marketing Trends blog series? Click here to read it first.   Content Format Takes the Crown   Jana Kopp – Director of Customer Experience   With social media algorithms placing more importance on real-time and consistent engagement, content marketing will shift in three ways. First, marketers will need to become even more creative with new formats of content (live video, GIFs, VR, etc.) that provides an even better, easily digestible,...

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Dec 30 2016

Mambo Media’s 2017 Digital Marketing Trends: Part 1

It’s once again time to reflect on the year that was and then turn our focus and attention to our goals and plans for the New Year! Mambo Media relishes being at the forefront of technology. We know the importance of shifting marketing strategies as new technologies emerge and consumer behaviors change. We’ve tapped our team’s intel to gain greater insight into what 2017 has in store for the world of digital marketing. Do you agree? Share you 2017 prediction in the comment section below!   Last Call for Outdated Websites   Siouxsie Jennett...

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Dec 07 2016

3 Reasons Why Email is So Effective for Holiday Marketing

As we enter the mad rush of holiday shopping, many businesses across the globe anticipate their biggest revenue spike of the year. Retailers expect to hit up to 30%, of their annual sales during November and December, and historical holiday sales are forecasted to increase by 3.6%, or $655 billion in 2016.   We’ve all experienced the shift to online shopping and mobile commerce. Marketers who’ve embraced digital strategies may wonder how effective email is during the holiday season, and whether it should still carry weight in their marketing mix. Here are 3 reasons...

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Key Takeaways from PSU CEPE’s Digital Marketing Breakfast on Crisis Communications and Reputation Management
Nov 15 2016

Key Takeaways from PSU CEPE’s Digital Marketing Breakfast on Crisis Communications and Reputation Management

"If you don’t move quickly, the world will do it for you." Lisa Heathman, on handling a social media crisis.    It’s fascinating to think about how reputation works. Reputation is unique in that it takes years to build, but within a blink of an eye can be shattered. With media spreading at rapid rates across multiple digital platforms, one small comment or mistake can quickly spiral out of control. However, 84% of consumers state that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Managing your reputation is vital to maintaining...

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Best Website 2016
Oct 20 2016

Mambo Media wins Best Website Design 2016 at AMA PDX

Another win for the team! We’re ecstatic to announce that our work on redesigning Jane’s Vanity website  was awarded “Best Website 2016" at the AMA PDX Max Awards. Each year AMA PDX honors the top marketing campaigns produced in Portland, and this year we were selected.   Jane’s Vanity is a luxury lingerie company that approached Mambo Media with the initiative of growing their eCommerce business. Together we were determined to create a modern customer-centric website. After executing our best-in-class website methodology, Jane’s Vanity now has a beautiful website that provides a...

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Optimize voice search for SEO and PPC
Oct 13 2016

6 Areas to Optimize Voice Search for SEO and PPC

Apple’s Siri has pushed us into a world that once only seemed possible on shows like Star Trek or The Jetsons. 25 years ago, no one would have believed that we could have a casual conversation with a robot.   So what do Siri, Cortana, and Alexa have to do with SEO? Well, they’re all search engines.   Voice search is a fast growing trend – and it’s not likely to disappear. In fact, earlier this year Google shared that nearly 25% of searches performed on mobile devices were done through voice search. This...

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