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Jul 31 2012

Facebook’s Fast Track to Mobile Ads

Gone are the days of Facebook’s freewheeling approach to launching and implementing new features without a concrete strategy for monetization. The post-IPO landscape is dotted with investors demanding ROI, leaving Facebook in a perpetual struggle to find new avenues for revenue sources. Despite the controversy of Facebook ads efficacy, a recent ComScore study helped to alleviate skeptics and anxious investors' concerns. See our weekly roll-up for a collection of articles on the topic. Mobilize or Perish Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook missed the mobile bus, and is now scrambling to catch up. More...

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Jul 20 2012

Social Business as a Growth Strategy

It’s now common knowledge that to survive in business today means being social. A lot of the buzz on this topic feels like an urgent imperative for brand decision-makers (like it or not) when really, socializing business should be embraced as an exciting and viable strategy not just to survive, but to lean up for growth out of this economy. Start with a fresh perspective to bring agility and authenticity to your business goals, which means starting at the top. Social business is not a passive change. Executive sponsorship with a...

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Jul 09 2012

Step One: Strategic Goals Alignment

The first step in beginning any marketing program at Mambo is our Strategic Goals Alignment exercise.  We do this as a kickoff exercise with our clients so that we can ensure we capture the top-down executive strategy and bake that in to any digital and social strategy we then develop.  An additional benefit of initially aligning strategic goals with leadership and your team is to make sure you're all on the same page from the start.  This simple but crucial step has become a cornerstone of our success with clients...

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Jun 19 2012

Mambo Media Wins AMA MAX Award for “Integrated Marketing Campaign Nonprofit & Government”

We are honored and humbled to be named winners at the 2012 MAX Awards. The event was a smashing success with a bounty of culinary treats, local beers and signature cocktails to pair perfectly with some of Portland’s most talented marketers. The Marketing Awards of Excellence (MAX) honor innovators who think outside of the proverbial box to manage and implement creative integrated marketing campaigns. Mambo Media entered the 2012 MAX awards for the “Integrated Marketing Campaign Nonprofit & Government.” OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and 99.5 The Wolf radio have partnered together...

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Jun 02 2012

Considerations for Sustainability Messaging and Social Media

Social and environmental responsibility remains an important part of communication strategy for today’s organizations, and now thanks to social media, there are more tools than ever to engage your audiences and share your message.  While there are some specific risks involved, sustainability marketing and social media are a perfect match for each other in many ways: People tend to be passionate about sustainable business and want to interact w/ sustainable brands – no better way than Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and more. Any organization that communicates about its social and environmental efforts...

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Apr 25 2012

Mambo Media Named SoMe Awards Finalist in Six Categories

Mambo Media was chosen as a 2012 SoMe Awards Finalist in six categories, including Best Social Media Agency and Brandbuilder: Awareness & Engagement! The SoMe Awards honor the best social media projects, programs and campaigns of the year. This year, there are 19 finalists, with 10 organizations from the Northwest and one from as far away as Israel! The SoMe Awards ceremony this year features Stephanie Stricklen from KGW as emcee, DJ Gregarious spinning alternative 80s music and industry-leading judges Jason Keath, Amber Naslund, Cindy King, Jonathan Fields and Liz Strauss. The SoMe...

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Apr 23 2012

Content Strategy + Optimizing Channels

In March I attended the engrossing Q + A with Kristina Halvorson on Content Strategy.  A recurring topic of conversation was the tension between repurposing content across multiple channels versus creating channel-specific user experiences with rich content. Content strategy is an odd beast since a cross-section of Information Architecture (IA), Copywriting, User Experience (UX), and Interactive Design are involved.  Marketing strategies in this framework take a back seat. So as a marketer, it was of interest to learn the challenges of this hybrid role and see that marketing tenets can serve...

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Apr 13 2012

Facebook Case Study: How Hi-Tec USA Tapped Into What Inspires Their Facebook Fans

Hi-Tec is an outdoor shoe and apparel company with a focus on adventure, family, and outdoor living. Hi-Tec has was founded in 1974 in Shoeburyness, England introducing Britain’s all-time best selling sports shoe model, and has since flourished into an international company with a unique audience in multiple markets. Mambo Media created a dispatcher role to assist the Hi-Tec USA Marketing team to listen, monitor, engage with fans and thought leaders, create content,  and drive e-commerce sales. Other goals included consultation for the optimization of the brand’s social media properties, and the timing dovetailed perfectly...

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Mar 11 2012

11 Steps to LinkedIn for Recruitment: Which Should You Use?

If you’re interested in using LinkedIn to recruit employees, there are many ways to approach this process. We’ve found that our Before, During, After methodology helps organize and clarify the steps, from optimizing your Company LinkedIn Page to building relationships with potential candidates. Below are our recommendations for 11 steps that you can choose from to create a successful LinkedIn recruitment campaign. BEFORE Before you begin to recruit, follow these steps to build your Company Page LinkedIn followership and make it easier for candidates to find and apply for your open positions. 1. ...

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Feb 14 2012

Category Connoisseurs vs. Brand Advocates

In Youngme Moon’s captivating book Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd, she posits that product categories have augmented benefits beyond the average consumer’s ability to tell the difference between any two brands. For example, take toothpaste. When in the toothpaste isle at the grocery store a consumer sees whitening, tartar control, natural, anti-cavity, fluoride, and bad-breath-fighting as advertised product benefits. The myriad of choices and attributes leaves one of two options for the inundated consumer - either consider and weigh all the products and morph into a “category connoisseur,” or be apathetic.  Demanding...

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