Take Our Quiz: What Facebook Marketer Type Are You?

Apr 23 2014

With unpaid brand Facebook updates now reaching only 2-6% of fans and the reality that they may soon reach 0%, it’s time for us all to take a hard look at our approach to Facebook Marketing.

Take our quiz to find out if you’re a Facebook Marketing realist, rebounder or opportunist!

1. My top goal for Facebook Marketing is to:

a. build awareness
b. educate about my brand, products or services
c. rack up the sales

2. My plan to fix the problem of declining organic Facebook reach is to:

a. be grateful that Facebook is actually showing my content to those who have interacted with my brand the most, and aim to please them
b. pack up and move on to other social channels instead of Facebook
c. pay for Facebook Ads and Boosts

3. When deciding if I should invest in other social channels instead of Facebook, I think:

a. we shouldn’t be so focused on a channel we can’t control anyway
b. our audience has a strong presence on other channels such as Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn
c. in-stream mobile ads are trending as more effective, so Facebook should move in that direction

4. When I think about paying for Facebook Ads, I:

a. want to test them with a goal-focused strategy, multivariate testing and optimization
b. think it will be a waste of money because our audience doesn’t engage on Facebook
c. am concerned about ending up with fake fans generated by like farms who will never truly engage with my content

5. If I decide to pay for Facebook Boosts or Ads, I expect to:

a. acquire more fans, which will make my brand account look more impressive
b. also gain effectiveness in the reach of my organic posts
c. launch messages that will help me reach my Facebook Marketing goals

If your answers are mostly a:

You are a Facebook Marketing realist. You don’t expect a free social channel to be the answer to your need for marketing strategy and budget. You may have a Facebook presence, but you also focus your efforts on branded properties and other social channels to make sure you are reaching key audiences.

If your answers are mostly b:

You are a Facebook Marketing rebounder. You understand that marketing strategy should be focused on all the ways you can reach audiences (paid and organic), but you feel disappointed by Facebook’s recent rule changes. You may even be considering abandoning Facebook for greener pastures.

If your answers are mostly c:

You are a Facebook Marketing opportunist. Your Facebook Marketing hopes and dreams may have been dashed, but you are committed to doing what it takes to move forward with both paid ads and organic Facebook posts.

Do you agree with your Facebook Marketer type? How will your views affect your strategy going forward?

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