Why is website content important?

Mar 27 2014

Content is essential for modern marketing. In the age of on-demand and custom-curated content, brands need to contribute or they risk getting overlooked. The way to your consumers’ heart is through great content, which should do at least one of the following:

  • Solve a problem
  • Entertain
  • Inform

In addition to helping you attract, convert and maintain customers, content is essential for SEO, social media and PPC.


With Google’s new algorithm, content is more important than ever. In order to position yourself against your competition and have great search rankings, develop content that you know your audience is interested in. Think about how the user looks for content, and brainstorm the phrases and questions that are typed into the search engine. Make sure to include these keywords and phrases into your main website content, but don’t forget that you can amplify the SEO effects by including them in your blog.

Social Media

Brands that are most successful in social have a wealth of content to share with their followers. This content is frequently the reason that consumers connect with the brand. In order to sustain the audience and remain relevant, brands need to have access to a constant stream of quality content to share.


A call-to-action to download an eBook, register for a webinar, or review a cheat sheet is more successful than a traditional ad. In order to get a user to click on an ad, and fill out a form, there needs to be a reward. Good content is a great reward.


Hubspot is an example of a brand that has invested in content creation for marketing. They provide fresh, relevant and shareable content for free or with the submission of personal marketing thought leader.

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