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Nov 05 2015

How to Select the Right Marketing Agency for Your Business

  This post originally appeared on the Act-On Marketing Action Blog   Finally. The economy is improving. Businesses are beginning to invest in marketing again. And, while many of us were hunkering down and doing the best we could during the recession, the whole marketing world has turned upside down in the past seven years. Consider the following:   Marketing has become a technology-based practice. In fact, there are now almost 1,900 products to help marketers do their work. (Caution: that link goes to a scary infographic.) There are now more than a dozen...

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Nov 02 2015

Mambo Media One of Top 10 Marketing Automation Solution Providers

  Marketing Tech Insights Magazine has just named Mambo Media one of the Top 10 Marketing Automation Solution Providers in the US.   In their diligence, they stated, Mambo Media “…helps CIOs and CMOs apply strategic marketing principles to marketing automation, and to establish a data-driven approach to decision making."   In naming Mambo, the selection panel looked at each vendor’s capability to fulfill the needs of buyers with effective solutions that curb challenges and promote business growth.   “Mambo has developed a tightly-controlled marketing automation methodology, and believes in testing campaigns by building pilot programs and...

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Oct 28 2015

It’s Time to Start Your Year-End Fundraising Strategy

Year-end fundraising can be the most important time of the year for many nonprofits and planning ahead is critical. December is undeniably the most important fundraising month and all nonprofits should be prepared to make the most of it with a solid marketing communication strategy.   As the 2015 Network for Good Digital Giving Index notes, nearly 30% of annual giving occurs in December with 11% happening in the last three days of the year.       The confluence of the holiday giving spirit and the rush to take advantage of philanthropy’s tax benefits means you could...

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Oct 21 2015

How to Analyze Google Analytics Data like a Boss


Google Analytics is a powerful tool for providing insights into how visitors find and interact with your website. Harnessing this power can positively impact your company’s bottom line.


But with so much data at your fingertips, it can be overwhelming to know what to focus on and the best way to collect and report on that data.


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Oct 13 2015

How Leading Marketers are Doing Inbound Right: 6 Stats from State of Inbound 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, we’ve seen that more companies, marketers and salespeople are embracing the inbound philosophy than ever before—but not all are achieving success.

We’ve collected 6 statistics from the most successful inbound marketers and explore what they are doing right from the upcoming State of Inbound 2015 report. Want a copy of the full report? Enter your email below and we’ll send you a copy as soon as it’s published.

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Sep 29 2015

Gen Z is Here – Quick! Pay Attention.

At Mambo Media, we recognize the impact of today’s multi-generational workforce on marketing strategies and tactics. We pride ourselves on understanding and explaining the Millennial cohort to clients, but we realize – given our work with colleges and university clients – that it was time to begin really digging into the next generation, the 60 million-strong Generation Z. These are the first truly digital natives, born in the age of smartphones. Many don’t remember a time before social media. Generation Z are between about 5 and 18 (some argue 19) years...

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Sep 23 2015

The Five Things College Websites Should Provide

When was the last time that you evaluated your school’s website from a user’s perspective? Designing, expanding or managing a university or community college website can be a challenge for many institutions.  College websites tend to have a tremendous amount of content geared toward several target audiences, each with diverse needs and unique pain points. As such, it’s easy to fail at presenting information in a thoughtful, effective and visitor-friendly format. Mambo Media’s experience in designing and developing higher education websites has taught us that there are five essential components that every school’s site...

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