Branding in Today’s Market

Mar 20 2014

Branding in today’s market reaches far beyond a slogan, logo and color scheme. A company with a successful brand strategy can be recognized nationally and will help bring value to your business. There are several slip-ups that can be easy for a company to get stuck on as well as some tips that will help a company to succeed.

Social media is a great place for your company to show its personality and find its voice. Customers feel more connected when a business is able to humanize its brand. This advocacy could spawn high engagement and great user generated content on your channels. Not only is social media good for customer interaction, it will soon become an expectation of customers to have the option of using social media for customer service support and communication. When a brand is not active or present on social media, they could miss out on an important opportunity to respond quickly and personally. This in turn can leave the customer with a positive experience and a potential crisis can be avoided.

For a company to become recognized nationally, they need to keep a consistent brand message. Give your brand a personality that will make it stand out in the market. What makes your company unique? How are you better than your competitors? What makes up the core of your company? These questions should be answered with every message you put out. Every interaction should provide a customer with a positive experience and leave them wanting more!

When creating a brand, it is important to avoid common mistakes that could hurt you in the long run. Build your brand around your company and its ideals, but make sure that your messaging speaks to your target audience. You may think that you can read minds, but it is best to simply ask a customer what truly matters to them. By basing your messaging on values, you can avoid getting caught up in the latest and greatest trends that steer you away from your brand strategy. Mixing your business goals and your customers needs together, your messaging will be much more effective.

Brand messaging is a big task that can be extremely successful with a strong and clear strategic approach. Make sure your brand honestly reflects your company and its story, stays consistent and speaks directly to your customers.

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