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Jul 12 2011

Google+: Amassing a New Social Network

Google+ aims to take on Facebook by creating a platform that revolves around sharing among personalized user groups. Obvious comparisons have been drawn to Facebook, as Google+ has a “Stream” similar to Facebook’s News Feed, the +1 button is similar to the “Like” Button, and encourages the creation of “Circles,” similar to Facebook’s “Group” feature. The “Circles” feature allows users to control the information they share with customizable user groups, i.e. family, work, friends, customers, thought leaders, etc., and strives to replicate our real-life sharing behavior in the digital realm....

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Jul 10 2011

Event Lead Nurturing Checklist: Before, During, After

Whew, the big event you’ve been working on for months is finally over. People registered, some of them attended, and you emailed them a “thank you.” But did you integrate lead nurturing into your event? Did you take advantage of your opportunity to build trust with individuals and convert prospects? At Mambo, we approach events with a before/during/after strategy, and this framework is especially suitable for lead nurturing. Consider using this checklist for your next event: BEFORE Build personal relationships over time Begin to contact individuals 2-3 months before the event  Establish your thought leadership...

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Jun 08 2011

Portland Police are ‘Crisis Ready’

Welcome to our guest blogger, Casey Boggs! Casey is president of LT Public Relations – a comprehensive communications firm that specializes in servicing the financial and professional services industries. LT Public Relations recently partnered wtih Mambo Media to offer its proprietary Crisis Ready ( program to help safeguard businesses before, during and after emergencies occur.

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May 03 2011

BridgeWorks Capital: Making Waves in Renewable Energy

BridgeWorks Capital, a boutique merchant bank based in Lake Oswego, OR, has been making waves in the renewable energy sector. Just this month, BridgeWorks both shepherded the acquisition of PrimeStar Solar by General Electric and announced plans to commercialize and manufacture floating power plants which combine energy produced by wave and wind. Using PrimeStar Solar’s record breaking thin film technology, GE will build the largest solar panel manufacturing plant in the nation. BridgeWorks president Mark Waller co-founded PrimeStar in 2006, serving on the company's board and later as chairman. Though no...

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Apr 20 2011

Mambo Media Named SoMe Awards Finalist in Three Categories

Mambo Media was chosen as a 2011 SoMe Awards finalist in three categories! The SoMe Awards honor the best social media projects, programs and campaigns of the year. We’re especially excited because award submissions have now been opened to the entire United States instead of only the Pacific Northwest. Serious competition!

Come join us at the SoMe Awards, hosted by Daniel Baldwin, at the Fez Ballroom this Thursday, April 21 from 6-9pm.

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Mar 03 2011

Are you Crisis Ready?

Mambo Media has partnered with LT Public Relations to offer its clients a robust crisis communications program to help their PR team prepare for and manage an assortment of disruptive emergencies.

Crises today come in all forms, they’re often unanticipated, and most have detrimental effects on a company’s sales and brand reputation…for years.

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Feb 16 2011

Our Portland Story: Capturing the Feel of the City

We’d like to welcome guest blogger Melissa Delzio! Melissa is an Art Direction Associate at Mambo Media and creator of the new book Our Portland Story. Listen to her podcast on OPB Q&A with Geoff Norcross here.

It all started with a question, “What ONE thing do you love about Portland?”

It was a question I often asked casually around town to recent transplants and native Portlanders alike. As a transplant to this city myself, I knew that what drew me here was a certain magic that I felt in the city. A magic that in my eyes seemed hard to describe – it’s more like a feeling. I was curious if others felt the same way.

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Feb 11 2011

Portlandia: Use Hashtags to Drive Conversation Around Your Brand

Portlandia gets rave reviews from locals and TV critics for its satire of Mambo Media’s hometown. Now, we weigh in on the creative and contagious way IFC has used hashtags in Twitter to ensure the show gets buzz. Most use hashtags as a way to tap into the larger conversation on Twitter, but many brands don’t realize that with a bit of creativity, they can also use trending hashtags to drive the conversation around their product or brand. Portlandia’s use of #putabirdonit is a great example. Portlandia was already on top of...

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