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Jul 12 2014

From Data to Design: How to Create an Infographic in 5 Easy Steps

Last month in our blog ‘Showing is Better Than Telling: How to Use an Infographic for Engagement’  we talked about the powerful way infographics add context and story to data, and how their irresistible shareability make them ideal for digital marketing. Today we are going to delve into the process of translating raw data into clear and relevant visuals. There are three key ingredients that must be balanced in any great infographics recipe: visuals, content and information. Finding a compelling way to organize and show information can be a very confusing and...

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Jul 10 2014

Blink and They’re Gone: Everything You Need to Know about Effective Homepage Design

The typical visitor only spends 3-5 seconds on a site before deciding whether or not to take action or move on! A homepage is your company’s first impression in the digital space and is responsible for clearly communicating your message and value proposition to all users. So what can you do to make the most of your short impression window? Take the time to design a homepage that will make the best possible impression and continue to offer value to all of your users. The 7 most critical elements of a...

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Jul 03 2014

How to Use SEO to Optimize Your Website

Have you ever wondered how search engines such as Google or Bing are able to return results that are so close, if not exactly what you were looking for? This is all made possible by Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO can improve the visibility of a website on free search engines (Google or Bing). Search engines will display results that they consider to be most relevant to a user’s search query. There are many components that contribute to increasing a website’s SEO to improve that website’s search engine ranking. A high...

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Jun 26 2014

Branding Yourself for Success

In today’s competitive digital marketing industry it is important to set yourself apart from others, especially when striving for that promotion you want or seeking your dream job. When résumés become redundant, employers look for something that goes beyond words on a page. This is where creating and maintaining a personal brand becomes crucial for success.  When seeking a job in the digital marketing industry, your personal brand is very important, as it can show employers that you understand and are active on various social media channels. It is also important...

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Jun 06 2014

Social ROI and Dating – What Do They Have in Common?

We have all been in a relationship that ended and later wondered: what happened? What could have I done better? This is also the case with many relationships between brands and consumers in social media. An organization may start the dating process with their audience and unbeknownst to them, something goes wrong. They do not know why, and more importantly they do not know how they can do better next time. A chilling statistic: A recent study by Altimeter Group found that 70% of businesses think that social media could meet...

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May 30 2014

Mambo Takes Home The ‘Go Local’ Award at This Year’s Social Media Awards!

Last Thursday marketers from around the United States gathered for SoMe Awards in downtown Portland to celebrate the best in digital marketing. The event kicked off with the first ever forum, featuring panels and discussions on Social Media Today, with a special keynote by Brian Solis on the Future of Business! It was an exciting day full of insights, expertise, and innovative social media campaigns. Take a peek at a few special moments from the evening: The Forum was followed by a finalist’s panel, and presentations from students of the Digital Marketing...

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May 15 2014

Showing is Better Than Telling: How to use an Infographic for Engagement

If you have ever looked at a map, you have, without knowing, interacted with an infographic! What you might remember about that map is that it made it easy for you to find what you were looking for. Data is complex, dynamic, and multi-dimensional; the computer screen (at least to the human eye) is flat and relatively static. How, then, can one represent and distill the multitudes of experience and quantitative information with mere words and pictures? The Infographic. Organizing complex data for clarity and visual digestion is one of the oldest...

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May 09 2014

Three Easy Steps to Take to Avoid a Common Mistake on Social Media

Using social media correctly can generate brand awareness, drive traffic and increase inbound leads to your business; it can even help increase direct sales online. The temptation that businesses run into when managing their social media is to share the same posts and same content across all channels. With social media management software like Hootsuite, Buffer and SocialOomph, the risk is to use the formula of 1 post + 1 button = all channels. Unfortunately not all content is created equal and not every channel is right for the same content....

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May 02 2014

Mambo’s Modern Mobile Methodology

Everything is mobile these days, so I guess my company needs a mobile site… right? Wrong! These days, building a mobile site isn’t the only way to digitally engage with your target audience. We completely understand that you’d like for your customers/audience to be able to engage with you when they’re out and about, but creating a mobile site isn’t always the best. Mobile responsive sites are definitely not a new concept; however, their effectiveness and capabilities are constantly getting better. We’re seeing a major trend in opting out of building a...

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Apr 23 2014

Take Our Quiz: What Facebook Marketer Type Are You?

With unpaid brand Facebook updates now reaching only 2-6% of fans and the reality that they may soon reach 0%, it’s time for us all to take a hard look at our approach to Facebook Marketing. Take our quiz to find out if you’re a Facebook Marketing realist, rebounder or opportunist! 1. My top goal for Facebook Marketing is to: a. build awareness b. educate about my brand, products or services c. rack up the sales 2. My plan to fix the problem of declining organic Facebook reach is to: a. be grateful that Facebook is actually...

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