What Makes Us Different

20 Years in Business

With deep marketing expertise, we bring an experienced and pragmatic approach to modern marketing practices.

Measure, Everything!

Every program starts and ends with data and measurement, giving us clarity on what’s working and what’s not.

We Make Your Team Whole

Our dynamic marketing staff provides the services and expertise you need to make your team complete, and only when you need it.

Build Partnerships

We partner with clients to support long-term growth, adeptly pivoting with change and capitalizing on opportunities as they come.

The Mambo Team

Meet the Team
  • Siouxsie Jennett
    Siouxsie Jennett

    Siouxsie is the CEO and founder of Mambo Media, a digital marketing firm that works with companies to maximize marketing strategies to drive revenue through digital marketing.

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  • Paul Hamerton-Kelly
    Paul Hamerton-Kelly

    Paul is the Chief Operating Officer at Mambo. An engineer by training, his focus on processes and documentation keep Mambo’s internal and external customers happy.

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  • Lisa Slaven
    Lisa Slaven

    As Managing Director, Lisa partners with clients and the Mambo team to deliver innovative, revenue-producing programs based on modern marketing best practices.

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  • Jana Kopp
    Jana Kopp

    As Sr. Director of Creative Services, Jana collaborates with clients to meet strategic goals and guide prospects more effectively through the sales funnel.

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  • Laurel Hamilton
    Laurel Hamilton

    As Mambo's Director of Programs, Laurel manages programs, insights and strategy to inform business decisions, promoting accuracy and efficiency across Mambo.

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  • Adrienne Peake
    Adrienne Peake

    As a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Mambo, Addy uses modern marketing channels to connect brands to consumers. From video to social strategy, she delivers marketing messages with meaning.

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  • Kim D'Amico
    Kim D'Amico

    As Sr. Strategic Account Manager, Kim leverages her many years’ experience to stay in tune with her clients’ strategic goals while guiding them towards evolution in their digital marketing.

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  • Danny Krueger
    Danny Krueger

    As a Senior Project Manager, Danny combines solid team leadership, a keen eye for detail and efficiency, a knack for problem solving, and a collaborative approach to ensure client and team success.

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  • Alexandra Anderson
    Alexandra Anderson

    Alexandra specializes in managing projects across multiple medias in collaborative, fast-paced environments, while cultivating team and client relationships that sustain long term engagements.

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  • Reid B. Horton
    Reid B. Horton

    As a Digital Marketing Manager, Reid provides deep experience in front-end web development, SEO and marketing automation to provide excellent user experience and optimized campaign management.

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  • Wendy Hwang
    Wendy Hwang

    Wendy is a Digital Marketing Manager with a passion for helping businesses meet their goals by utilizing modern online marketing techniques, Wendy specializes in SEO and Paid Media at Mambo.

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  • Lauren Gantner
    Lauren Gantner

    As a Digital Marketing Manager, Lauren brings extensive experience in content creation, digital marketing, and design to help clients solve their complex problems and exceed their business goals.

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  • Jane Roark
    Jane Roark

    As a Digital Marketing Manager, Jane specializes in SEO research and implementation, competitive research, social media community management and content marketing.

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  • Shannon Woods
    Shannon Woods

    Shannon is a storyteller at heart who loves a good headline. As a Digital Marketing Specialist, she focuses on paid and organic social media strategies and digital content marketing.

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  • Ingrid Asmundson
    Ingrid Asmundson

    As Office Administrator, Ingrid’s multi-faceted contributions support staff to ensure the smooth functioning of the main office and significantly impact office efficiency and culture.

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Giving Back to Our Community

Sharing with organizations, locally and across the world
House of Light
Maybelle Center for Community
Jackson County Fuel Committee
Clackamas Women's Services
Lake Oswego High School Girls' Sports Programs


Celebrating Client Success

Working at Mambo

Looking for a dynamic work environment?

At Mambo, we take employee satisfaction seriously. When it comes to building a balanced, thoughtful and engaging culture for our team, we put our money where our mouth is. From supporting parents who want to transition back to the workplace to a first-class training and development program, we invest in our people.

Diverse Portfolio of Great Clients

Collaborative, Team-Oriented, Modern Work Environment

Professional Development and On-the-Job Training

Dog-Friendly Atmosphere

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