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May 02 2014

Everything is mobile these days, so I guess my company needs a mobile site… right?

Wrong! These days, building a mobile site isn’t the only way to digitally engage with your target audience. We completely understand that you’d like for your customers/audience to be able to engage with you when they’re out and about, but creating a mobile site isn’t always the best.

Mobile responsive sites are definitely not a new concept; however, their effectiveness and capabilities are constantly getting better. We’re seeing a major trend in opting out of building a mobile specific site as it essentially creates a second channel that needs to be optimized. Search engines recognizes this as a whole new website and it needs to build equity, similarly to the actual website. Given mobile sites usually have their own domain (e.g.-, an organization would need to ensure both their website and mobile site are accurately developed and managed to be seen by a target audience.

Not only do you need to focus efforts on optimizing for search results, mobile sites also require continual updates to stay modern and best-in-class, just like your website. Why duplicate efforts on keeping modern, when you can enhance one web experience that has a modified mobile experience, with the same upgrades made.

Mobile responsive sites have the ability to dynamically update based on the device, by utilizing the X Y coordinates of the screen layout. The construction of a website simply requires additional backend coding to instruct the website how to operate based on screen dimensions. This will increase the initial web development cost, but not nearly as much as having to create a second mobile site.

Not sure if your customers are on mobile? Well, they are! We typically see about 50% of web traffic from a mobile device across B2B and B2C. With customers engaging with their brands digitally, we need to ensure that they can connect with you in the most modern user experience sitting at their computer, and on-the-go!

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