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Jan 16 2012

Pinterest Roundup

Not familiar with Pinterest? Start here with the Beginner's Guide to Pinterest:     HGTV curates multiple boards to inspire, engage and interact with their fans. Read about 6 ways that brands can rock Pinterest:     Still need convincing that you need to be monitoring Pinterest’s growth? Site visits to Pinterest increased over 4000% in last six months:     Pinterest’s designer and co-founder shares his secrets on designing such an addictive platform:     Optimize your pins! Pinterest link building and SEO strategies:     Know your audience- Hear what these power-users had to say about why they...

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Dec 15 2011

Pinterest: The Love Child of Flickr and Delicious! – 3 Tips for Businesses

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, I hesitate to send you there because it’s visually addictive eye candy for the soul. Pinterest is a “virtual pinboard” that allows users to organize and share images, and Pinterest’s mission is to connect people all over the world based on their shared tastes and interests. The reason I describe Pinterest as “for the soul” is because being able to easily share visual experiences we find online is a form of self-expression, and that means its users are keenly engaged (and often obsessed). TIP 1: Do...

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Dec 06 2011

The Connected Company – from Culture to Marketing Success

We'd like to thank Tom Bennett for his guest blog post! Tom will be a keynote speaker at the Portland State University Digital Marketing Conference on December 11th and 12th. The Connected Company – from Culture to Marketing Success Customers are connected and they are communicating. A connected consumer has a greater number of choices (what and where to buy, from whom) and has a greater voice in the marketing conversation (what's great, what's not, what sucks, who's evil) than ever before. This trend is continuing and customer power will only increase...

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Dec 06 2011

A Holiday Appeal: Hope and Healing for Doernbecher Kids

For two days the city of Portland, OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital  and country music listeners will join together to help support young Doernbecher patients and their families. Each year The Wolf 99.5 Country radio lends its airwaves to a two-day radio-thon on December 8 and 9 showcasing the amazing work performed by Doernbecher’s pediatric experts - and featuring live broadcasts from the hospital. In the spirit of the season, please consider a donation to our campaign. Your contribution will help bring hope and healing to sick children and their families during...

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Nov 30 2011

4 Considerations for Selecting a Social Media Listening System

Strategy There is an astonishing array of tools available for businesses of all sizes, with prices ranging from free to thousands of dollars per month. It is essential to have a listening strategy in place before throwing resources towards an expensive system which, without proper optimization, could potentially produce a deluge of data and result in analysis paralysis. Strategic objectives need to be evaluated and clarified to guide your business through the process of selecting a listening system that will meet your business needs and goals. Channels Many listening systems limit their monitoring...

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Nov 23 2011

Design for Mobile: Predictions for 2012

Will Design for Mobile Soon Be More Important than Design for Desktop Environments? In 2010, Mary Meeker of Morgan-Stanley predicted that mobile web would outpace desktop web in five years[1]. Gartner’s recent prediction takes it a step further, stating that it will happen by 2013[2]. Currently, mobile design is an afterthought: design a fancy desktop experience, eliminate a few elements that interfere with mobile experiences and voila! This approach doesn’t take into account mobile users’ real need: a mainline to topical, useful information so they can put their phone back in...

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Sep 20 2011

Have You Tried Social Commerce?

In a previous post, I detailed some questions surrounding social commerce. Recent reports suggest that a third of social media users would be willing to make a purchase on Facebook or Twitter. What about you? Have you made a purchase directly on a social platform? Tell us about it by responding with a comment to this  blog post: What did you like or dislike? Did you "share" your purchase with your network on social platforms? What motivated you to do it? Would you do it again on another merchant site? Do tell. ...

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Aug 22 2011

Will Adobe Flash Survive the Era of the Mobile Internet?

Adobe vs. CSS Savvy web designers continually produce beautiful, elegant designs that play to the strengths of their medium. For designers that want pixel-perfect control over their designs, the only go-to for most of that time has been Adobe’s Flash platform. Lately, Adobe has taken a lot of flack over their proprietary design tool. To its credit, Flash has had clear benefits over CSS for many designers, but since the advent of CSS3 and HTML5, standards-compliant designing for the web has come into its own. Can Flash still boast those benefits,...

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Aug 05 2011

Ponies to Bronies: My Little Pony Kicks Up Lessons on Letting Go of Your Brand

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a fantastic example of the evolving relationship between brands and consumers.

I realize I may have lost you with the words My Little Pony, but stick with me; it’s truly a good case study. In the world of web 2.0, your customer’s reactions to your products and overall brand are impossible to control. It’s refreshing to see an example of a company that, rather than striking back to regain control or remaining silent, embraced and took advantage of their unexpected audience and that audience’s unexpected reaction.

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Jul 18 2011

Netflix Brand Loss: How to Preserve Your Brand Equity

Now that we’ve had some time to let the Netflix price increase backlash settle, we’d like to explain how an organized crisis communication plan would have saved Netflix some of their brand equity. Netflix’s Business Problem Up until now, movie studios sold the streaming licensing rights to Netflix for less than they were worth. However, those contracts are expiring and the studios are increasing their rates. Netflix must keep their huge streaming library available to subscribers while still keeping their pricing competitive. How Netflix handled the price increase Netflix didn’t explain anything about the licensing...

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