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Jul 12 2013

Instagram Video Web Round Up: What You Need to Know for Your Brands

A couple weeks ago Instagram announced that video was going to be introduced to their platform.  With more than 130 million users, it comes as no surprise that over five million videos were uploaded in the first 24 hours alone. Currently, 67% of the top brands in the world are on Instagram (i.e. Nike, MTV, Starbucks, Gucci, Burberry), and with Facebook’s 1 billion users in full force (Facebook owns Instagram), the opportunity for brands to share intriguing, authentic content is easier than ever. Using Instagram video, brands can easily: Provide a video teaser...

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Jul 02 2013

VividWall at PSU CEPE

Portland State University's Center for Executive and Professional Education (CEPE) is part of Portland State University's School of Business Administration and is a leading provider of executive and professional education in the Portland metro area. After relocating to the modern 1500 SW St Ave. Suite 100B, CEPE wanted to provide both visitors and students with a deeper connection and understanding of the social conversations, industry articles and student successes in a visually engaging and captivating manner. Mambo Media's VividWall social slideshow solution combines CEPE's tweets and Facebook posts and displays them on...

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Jun 18 2013

And The Winner Is…. Mambo Media

This week Mambo Media won an American Marketing Association MAX award and three International Association of Business Communicators Bronze Beacon Awards. These projects all yielded fantastic results for our clients and we couldn't be more proud and appreciative to have been a part of each of them. AMA MAX Award: BEST Social Media Campaign of the Year: Clinicient This campaign improved brand awareness and lead generation for Clinicient, a physical therapy EMR software and billing services provider based in Portland, OR. The campaign not only increased leads by 56% and non-branded search...

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May 30 2013

A Digital Community is Still a Community

Yes, it’s true. A group of people online, is still a group of people. And truthfully, it still follows the same general social rules to get things pumped up. That’s right, we’re talking about our crowd-raising, people-pleasing, effectively-communicating community managers. I think it’s safe to say the highly-developed people skills and relationship building techniques you employ in face-to-face interactions can play an instrumental role in the effectiveness of your online community management. Just in case you’ve slipped off the bandwagon, here are a few tips to help you get you...

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May 23 2013

Can’t Find the Perfect Typeface for your Design? Try Creating One Yourself!

We've all been there before. I'm talking about the endless search for the perfect typeface to fit your A+ design. Well, search no longer. For all those times when you can't seem to find the perfect font, we've put together a step-by-step tutorial for creating one on your own. Problem: Help, I can't find the font I want for a design I'm working on! Solution: Make your own, from scratch Time Investment: 1-2 hrs Level: Easy Cost: FREE Tools: Medium-Thick, black felt pen, printer and scanner How to: Go to the MyScriptFont website. Download and then print the template provided....

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May 09 2013

Three Things I Learned at the Innotech eMarketing Summit: Next Gen Social

As part of the Mambo team, I had the opportunity to attend last week’s eMarketing Summit and the luncheon keynote panel, “Think Tank: Next Gen Social.”  The panel was eloquently hosted by our very own Siouxsie Jennett and featured distinguished guests: Katja Asaro of Henry V Events, Jennifer Davis of Planar Systems, and Frank Mungeam of KGW.  Over the course of the hour, we heard lively discussion from the panelists about how social media is changing the way their businesses work.  Check out Frank’s Storify recap of the #emsvw social feed as well. Three...

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Apr 26 2013

Mambo Media Named SoMe Awards Finalist for the Fourth Year in a Row!

Mambo Media has once again been named a 2013 SoMe Awards Finalist in four categories, including Just ‘Cause, Go Local, Dream Team and People’s Choice! The SoMe Awards recognize the best social media projects, programs and campaigns of the year. This year, the event promises to be bigger than ever with 47 finalists from 34 organizations across the United States! Stephanie Stricklen from KGW will return as emcee alongside industry-leading judges Amber Naslund, Cindy King, Ric Dragon, Zena Weist, Brycie Jones and Shashi Bellamkonda. The SoMe Awards will be held Thursday, May 16th from...

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Apr 15 2013

Event Outreach: Questions to Ask When Choosing Social Influencers on Twitter

Many of you have learned about our Mambo methodology for thought leader identification, segmentation and engagement. You may even have read my previous blog post on event lead nurturing. This week, I have been managing thought leader (social influencer) outreach in Twitter for a client event, and I wanted to share how we approached event influencer identification. It’s easy to make the recommendation to someone else that they should “reach out” to everyone on their thought leader list. Unfortunately, there’s a fine line between outreach and annoyance. I’m always sensitive to...

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Apr 04 2013

Facebook Revealed Part 1: How’s Your EdgeRank?

If you’ve been following along with the social media news I’m sure you’ve noticed at least a few headlines describing new changes on Facebook. First there’s the new newsfeed, then the photo rules and now the upcoming inclusion of Hashtags. But what does all this mean for you and your business? Let’s find out! Follow us on our new series: Facebook Revealed as we explore how to make the most out of your Facebook posts, optimize your page and make the most of the recently released features. Facebook Revealed: How Does...

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Nov 15 2012

SEO Strategies to Survive Google Penguin

Feeling the cold of Google Penguin? You're not alone. Many businesses have noticed a significant hit to their search rankings after Google introduced the new Penguin algorithm change in April 2012. Tighter guidelines on website optimization and new rules on what constitutes spam, including changes to keyword usage and inbound links, have left many wondering if Penguin killed SEO. Nearly every day, a digital marketing journalist proclaims the death of SEO. This is not true today, nor will it be true next year. The rules of SEO have simply changed and...

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