Portland Police are ‘Crisis Ready’

Jun 08 2011

Welcome to our guest blogger, Casey Boggs! Casey is president of LT Public Relations – a comprehensive communications firm that specializes in servicing the financial and professional services industries. LT Public Relations recently partnered wtih Mambo Media to offer its proprietary Crisis Ready ( program to help safeguard businesses before, during and after emergencies occur.

The Portland Police Bureau recently unveiled its sleek, new police car to the public last Friday. See By most accounts, it looks like any old police car—but with a few new bells and whistles included.  What sets this police car apart is the Police Bureau’s efforts (according to their recent announcement), “to engage the people in the social media community” by including its Twitter handle (@portlandpolice).

We can only assume the Twitter address was added to let the social media savvy public tweet any immediate crimes and/or notify the police of suspicious activity—while allowing @portlandpolice tweet followers to monitor the departments online communication.   LT Public Relations and Mambo Media applaud this effort for many reasons, including:

1)    Consistent with our Crisis Ready program, the new police car is setting a new precedent on how to communicate during a crisis

2)    Allows the police department to monitor (through Twitter) the public dialogue on issues, crimes, and potential hazards

3)    In addition to traditional ways to inform the police (e.g. dialing 911), the new Twitter handle provides an alternate (and perhaps quicker and more effective) way to alert police

4)    Brands the Portland Police Bureau as a progressive, informed and observant law enforcement entity

Kudos Portland Police Bureau.  We’ll be “following” the progress of your new social media efforts.

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