Are you Crisis Ready?

Mar 03 2011

Mambo Media has partnered with LT Public Relations to offer its clients a robust crisis communications program to help their PR team prepare for and manage an assortment of disruptive emergencies.

Crises today come in all forms, they’re often unanticipated, and most have detrimental effects on a company’s sales and brand reputation…for years.

Social media has only amplified the need for businesses to plan, handle, squelch and avoid crises.  Gossip, misinformation and scandal are the common fodder in most crises. A company must be in front of a business disruption in all channels, as crises today move faster than ever.

Company’s can ill-afford to learn the ropes or develop a strategy DURING a crisis.

The Crisis Ready preparation program equips business with:

1) A tailored crisis plan

2) The requisite staff and executive training

3) Any necessary ad hoc crisis support

Training and preparation has been designed for CEOs, marketing and PR managers, frontline staff and other inter-departmental personnel.

Please visit or call Mambo Media to set-up a consultation.

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