Mambo Media’s 2016 Marketing Trends: Part 2

Dec 30 2015


In Part 2 of Mambo Media’s Marketing Trends blog series, we’ve rounded up a few more of Mambo’s leading experts to share their 2016 marketing predictions. Did you miss part 1 of our Marketing Trends blog series? Click here to read it first.


Allison Dyer, Mambo Media VP of Marketing Transformation Services


Tallisonhe jig is UP on the easy button around Marketing Automation! The C-level is sitting up and paying attention to what Marketing Automation can actually do to drive business growth and REVENUE. They are seeing their peers fail after making exhaustive investments; experiencing the GAPS in their own team’s capabilities; and beginning to accept that leveraging the power of marketing automation can be a transformative process for the business as a whole.
To do it well, there are two equally important sides to Marketing Automation success.


1. A sound implementation that is right for the business

2. A foundational and longer term strategy to FEED the machine

The days of EASY, POWERFUL, COMPLETE and the marketing automation easy button are fading fast. It will be interesting to see how the top marketing automation vendors in the space react in the years to come. Click here or here to read more on this subject.


Elena Foley, Director of Customer Insights and Strategy


elenaIn 2016 we will see a focus on owning consumer relationships and winning trust through great experiences.  We’ll see a big separation between businesses and brands that focus on delivering a great, personalized and easy customer experience and those that don’t, with a priority on digital.  In an increasingly fragmented marketplace, those that have been investing, laying the groundwork and experimenting to find what works to ultimately build and own a great relationship with consumers will be the winners.


Wendy Hwang, Digital Marketing Manager


wendyI predict content marketing to change from 2016 and on. Marketers must be more thoughtful of the content they produce. Marketers who’ve been focused solely on frequency (boosting engagement because people could be trained to expect it) made sense because people consumed content via subscriptions and RSS feeds. Now, RSS feeds are no longer the predominant option and people’s inboxes have become inundated. Today, content discovery and consumption are largely through social networks and manual searches for answers to specific questions or problems


The focus on frequency often meant marketers produced thin content or spun content (by repurposing from their own database or from something they’ve read elsewhere) in order to meet their deadlines rather than taking the time to produce something of high value. This has made for a lot of internet clutter; and Google is now taking this into consideration in their algorithms; making it much more difficult to rank in organic search.


In 2016, I predict businesses and marketers will need to hold off on frequency; to spend the time producing high quality unique content; or to spend cash to promote their content pieces on social networks in order to gain visibility.


Adrienne Peake, Digital Marketing Manager


addy peakeFrom the emergence of video platforms like Periscope to compelling video campaigns that went viral, video marketing came out swinging in 2015. Next year, we will continue to see brands embrace the power of videos to market to and retain consumers across all stages of the funnel. We will also see more brands bravely dip their toes into the sea of video social media platforms to better connect to key audiences.


Why? Because videos are effective. Not only do videos aid comprehension and increase brand awareness, but a recent study reveals that video ads drive consideration, purchase intent and sales. Did I mention that by 2018 video will take up 79% of consumer internet traffic? If you haven’t started a video marketing program yet, 2016 is the year to do so (we can help!).


Do you agree with Mambo’s Marketing predictions? Share you 2016 prediction in the comment section below!

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