Burgerville Launches Microsite to Gather Guest Input

Sep 17 2013

Did you hear the good news?  Burgerville is opening a new restaurant at the Portland International Airport this Winter!  Now travelers can pick up their favorite NW food before taking off or before heading home after a long flight. Burgerville is taking a unique approach to the design of this new restaurant.  While Burgerville’s “fresh, local, sustainable” values will remain, Burgerville is looking to the airport community to inform portions of the new restaurant’s design.  One way they’re gathering input from the community is by way of a new microsite, designed and developed by Mambo Media in partnership with Burgerville.  This site offers guests rotating ideas that have been brought to Burgerville by members of the airport community and invites users to share how they’d make these ideas better.  There is also an area where guests can enter their own ideas.  Burgerville is offering their guests a free milkshake in return for sharing their original ideas or improving existing ideas!


The site also utilizes Mambo’s VividWall™, a visual social media aggregator which enables Burgerville to collect conversations from different social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.) and present them together in one wall of posts, giving viewers a richer, more complete experience of the brand and campaign – from tweets to photos to comments – without having to visit individual channels and increasing on-site engagement.  By using VividWall™, Burgerville is able to ask their guests for input but not limit them to one channel for feedback. Now they can post their ideas anywhere using the hashtag #BVPDX and Burgerville pulls them together in one wall to provide a visual and immersive social experience. Have an idea you’d like to share? Visit now and share!



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