Keeping Up with the Joneses is not Enough! Don’t Just Meet but Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations on Social Media

Sep 16 2014

Cool campaigns or great design elements are not enough. Social media needs to be integrated into all marketing initiatives; from real-time personalization to marketing automation. Today’s consumers have grown to expect that brands are present, active and engaged across social media channels. Your customers’ questions are no longer “are they on Twitter?” but rather, “what kind of loyalty programs do they have available to me on social?” or “how fast is their social media customer support?” Because consumer expectations are so high, brands must rise to the occasion and learn to leverage social media creatively and uniquely in order to stand out among their competitors. This approach to engagement and customer support is one of today’s most pervasive digital marketing trends.

Consumers look to social media to discover brands, resolve problems and even purchase products. With over 74% of online adults using social networking sites, customers want to discover and interact with your business online. Social media has bred new expectations for customer support. Nearly 50% of Facebook users believe social media is the quickest way to resolve customer service issues. Not only do consumers want to contact your brand on social media, they want a rapid response. A whopping 42% of consumers expect a response time of 60 minutes or less after contacting a brand on social media. However, customer satisfaction is not just expected in personalized response delivery or turnaround time, it’s also expected for the end sale. Social media now enables users to purchase a product straight from a post. How’s that for instant gratification?

While it may feel daunting to consistently provide value and answers to your audience, there are several tactics you can implement to be successful. Before developing a strategy, conduct research on how to best translate your offline success to the online world. Define the goals of your business and determine what your customers’ needs are, to ensure you are offering the right services and messaging on social media. Be sure to listen and engage with your customers, and refine your strategy based upon your customers’ feedback. In order to accomplish this a brand must have a targeted social media strategy in place, as well as employ someone who is experienced and knowledgeable about the brand to manage the channels. Together these elements are key for increasing customer satisfaction and driving revenue.

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