Mambo Wins Gold in 3 Categories for Our Work in Education Marketing

Mar 15 2017

At Mambo, we cherish working with a wide variety of clients, from technology-focused B2B companies to consumer brands to nonprofits. One particular industry we love to serve is education. We’ve partnered with organizations that focus on all aspects of learning, from statewide departments to branches of higher education. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that Mambo was recently recognized for our work by the Higher Education Marketing Report’s Education Digital Marketing Awards.


This year, we were honored with gold awards in three categories! Join us as we dive into the work we’ve done for each client:


1. Institutional Website – Sheridan College – Gold


Institutional Website – Sheridan College


Mambo Media partnered with the Northern Wyoming Community College District’s Sheridan College for a strategic website redesign. The goal of the project was to design and develop a cohesive website and content strategy that spoke to students’ interests, addressed pain points, and provided solutions for academic growth. Sheridan College, which has two separate campuses, each with hundreds of pages of website content, had a dated, non-responsive website that did not serve any of their six identified audiences well.


Our strategy involved a thorough redesign, as well as a rewrite of website content, leveraging persona research, SEO keywords, and industry trends for increased search results and audience impact.


Take a look at Sheridan’s redesigned website.


2. Online Publication, Newsletter – Portland State University’s Center for Executive and Professional Education – Gold


Online Publication, Newsletter – Portland State University’s Center for Executive and Professional Education


Portland State University’s Center for Executive and Professional Education (CEPE) caters to working professionals who are looking to take their careers to the next level, or transition into a new industry or role. Learning alongside other degreed professionals, students gain timely information and have networking opportunities in numerous fields of interest.


Mambo Media partners with CEPE to send monthly, targeted newsletters that offer information on upcoming courses for various certificate programs, internal/external events, industry news, professional development advice, and program updates. Each newsletter features articles which highlight important industry news, advice, or CEPE updates that provide value to students and prospects; ultimately driving leads and registrations.


View one of CEPE’s newsletters.


3. Digital Video – Oregon Department of Education – Gold


Digital Video – Oregon Department of Education – Gold


The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) partnered with Mambo Media to design and develop a website and produce a series of six inspiring videos outlining the benefits of becoming an educator.


ODE recognized the impact that passionate, talented, and diverse educators have on the retention and success of students. ODE approached Mambo because there was not an effective one-stop resource in which individuals interested in the teaching profession could easily access information about the process of becoming an educator in Oregon.  ODE wanted to remove the barriers inherent to a convoluted and hard-to-dissect series of steps required to become a licensed and working teacher, as well as inspire those considering the profession to begin the steps needed.


ODE wanted to specifically reach people of color and bilingual speakers, to address the strong correlation between the presence of minority teachers and their influence on the achievement and retention of minority students. In doing so, ODE wished to make a positive impact on Oregon’s education system and community.


Take a look at the website here, or watch the videos:

  1. Learn how Oregon Teachers can be Leaders in and out of the Classroom
  2. Learn how to get Started Becoming a Teacher in Oregon
  3. Teach in Oregon: Why Oregon Students Need Teachers of Color
  4. Learn what Mentorship Support is Available for New Teachers in Oregon
  5. Diversity in Oregon Schools: Teachers in Oregon Share Why Bilingual Teachers are in Demand
  6. Hear from Oregon Teachers about Why a Job Teaching in Oregon is Right for You


Thanks to the Education Digital Marketing Awards for the recognition and to our partners who continue to inspire us to do great work. We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on in 2017! Are you in the education industry and interested in working with us? Get in touch.


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