Why You Need to Upgrade Your Google AdWords URLs Now

Jul 08 2015

Google AdWords first announced Upgraded URLs last February with a deadline to adopt the new standard by July 1, 2015. The Upgraded URLs function was developed to help users who frequently change customer-tracking parameters (allowing marketers to track advertising effectiveness through the AdWords channel).

Prior to Google AdWord’s announcement of Upgraded URL’s, advertisers had to submit an ad to be reviewed and approved by Google each time tracking parameters were changed. Users are now allowed to make changes to tracking parameters without re-setting ad stats and now have the added benefit of reducing ad “down-time”.

The update also includes a feature called “ValueTrack” which records a number of conversion- specific parameters including mobile device model, keyword match type, ad placement type and more. These parameters are very important to understand.

One of the most significant changes that will impact some accounts is that the “destination URL” (now to be replaced by “final URL”) must match the domain of the site the user will be taken to when they click on an ad.

If your company uses a URL shorter, such as to generate tracking URLs with Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters, that ad is at risk of being paused. In the example below, the UTM parameters in the can be retained, but the long-form URL should be used.


Google has provided a number of self-service tools to help users migrate from use of the “destination URL” to the “final URL” and recommends that any new ads be setup to use the “final URL” for your landing page. You still have a couple of months before Google will start pausing your ads, and Google will notify you 30 days before your ads will be paused. Once Google pauses your ads, they will no longer be served to your potential leads until you bring the URL’s in compliance, which could cost you precious leads, so we recommend that you make the changes now!

If you don’t use tracking you don’t need to do a thing, but we should talk. It’s not as scary as it may seem, and ensures that you know what you’re getting back from all those hard earned dollars paid to Google.

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