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Sep 23 2021

Google Analytics vs. Google Search Console

Google offers many analytics tools for small to medium-size businesses. It can sometimes be confusing or overwhelming to understand which tools are best and how to implement them. The tools we get the most questions about are Google Analytics and Google search console. While Google produces both products, they track different things and are both extremely important depending on the metrics you're tracking and how.   In the comparison infographic below, key differences and similarities between Google Analytics and Google Search Console give you a better idea of each, including: Their main...

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Oct 06 2016

Everything You Need to Know About the New Google Possum Update

By Wendy Hwang   A few weeks ago, Google released a new algorithm update affecting its Local Search results, also known as Google Places, Map Pack, and Google Maps. The algorithm was dubbed “Google Possum” by the SEO industry. Prior to the update, it had been extremely difficult for businesses located outside city center limits to appear in the Local Pack search results (found between the paid results and organic listings). This was a major pain point! It hurt local establishments that did business in major cities but were physically located just outside the perimeter. It was a frustration for many service businesses...

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Feb 25 2016

Why You Should Love Your Data

  For those of us who don’t have a deep and abiding love of data, learning to even simply tolerate it can sound unappealing. In honor of the month of love, allow Mambo Media to show you how developing a love affair with data can benefit your marketing bottom line.   As marketing has evolved from being primarily creative-driven to now being more data-driven, marketing strategies have sometimes been slow to keep up with analytics capabilities and trends. Creative is still essential of course, but absent of data analysis, your marketing efforts will...

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What Marketers Should Measure
Dec 16 2015

What Marketers Should Measure: Lifecycle Stage and Program Influence

  As the marketing technology universe expands at an astonishing pace, the data at our fingertips is greater now than ever before. This is both exciting and frightening. Why? It’s exciting that marketers can now track a campaign’s impact all the way through the funnel to generate revenue insights. However, it’s frightening that the sheer volume of data often leaves marketers grasping for what is easy to measure (pageviews, visits, followers) vs. what is important to measure (MQL’s, Opportunities Generated, Pipeline Contribution for B2B; Shopping Cart Abandonment rates, Content and Channel...

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Oct 28 2015

Case Study: How to Drive Conversions with a Holiday Discount Campaign

Increasing Student Registrations through Email Marketing   Thinking about hosting a holiday campaign to drive conversions and build awareness about your brand or business? Last year, Mambo ran an incredibly successful holiday campaign for one of our higher education clients, Portland State University’s Center for Executive and Professional Education (CEPE). By marketing this program across all of CEPE’s channels and customer touch points, we were able to leverage cross-channel pollination while tracking which channels were the highest converting. Read on to find out which channel we found was the most effective for...

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Oct 21 2015

How to Analyze Google Analytics Data like a Boss


Google Analytics is a powerful tool for providing insights into how visitors find and interact with your website. Harnessing this power can positively impact your company’s bottom line.


But with so much data at your fingertips, it can be overwhelming to know what to focus on and the best way to collect and report on that data.


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Aug 12 2015

Brace Yourself! How this Google Shakeup will Impact your Business.

Google has been in the news a lot this week! The company’s recent announcement that they created a parent holding company, Alphabet, has been dominating the headlines over the last few days. However, lesser known changes include their quiet separation from Google+ and many business services changes which will have a huge impact on local SEO. We’ve compiled a roundup of recent changes and how they can impact businesses and websites. What’s the Deal with Alphabet? Breathe easy! The Alphabet announcement is a corporate restructuring move and should have no immediate or...

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Social Media Marketing ROI and Attribution - Mambo Media
Jul 30 2015

7 Things to Consider When Defining Your Marketing Automation KPIs

When it comes to choosing key performance indicators (KPIs), there are a handful of generic and predictable data points that every company uses. Though basic tracking metrics are still successful, few companies take their KPIs one step further to show the success of their marketing and sales initiatives. We understand that looking outside of the KPI box can be tough, but we are here to help you through the process with these 7 ideas to consider when defining your marketing automation KPIs. Identify Your Strategic Goals: Just because you can measure...

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Mar 09 2015

How to Read Your Data to Avoid Skewed Results

From marketing to manufacturing, being “data-driven” is one of today’s hottest buzzwords. However, many businesses do not understand the full definition of what it means to truly have their business be driven by data. In an effort to make sense of complex information, businesses will dilute data results into one simple and easy to comprehend number. This simplistic approach of looking at these metrics from just one lens can cost businesses valuable insights—or worse, misinform their business strategy.

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