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Dec 30 2022

Addressing the Post-Pandemic B2B Buyer: Your 5 Step Checklist

5-Step Checklist for the Post-Pandemic B2B Buyer According to McKinsey & Company, 94% of B2B decision-makers say the new omnichannel sales model is as effective or more effective compared to the sales model they used before the pandemic. The percentage holding these views has climbed every time buyers have been asked over the past 18 months.   Given such definitive data, it’s no wonder so many companies are investing in Digital Transformation.   When done well, digital transformation enables a seamless omnichannel experience for your prospects and customers, allowing each person to create their own...

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Asian woman sitting at a tablet reviewing analytics; text: The Future Of Google Analytics: The Countdown To GA4 Has Begun
Nov 17 2022

The Future of Google Analytics: The Countdown to GA4 Has Begun

For most digital marketers, Google Analytics is one of their most prized tools in their marketing toolbox. You’ve likely noticed an email recently or read the banner at the top of your Google Analytics account saying,    "Universal Analytics will no longer process new data in standard properties beginning July 1, 2023. Prepare now by setting up and switching over to a Google Analytics 4 property."     You can hit the dismiss button and delete the emails, but if you keep kicking this can down the road – it will hit you in the face...

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Understanding Facebook's Lookalike Audiences
Apr 27 2017

Understanding Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences

With 1.86 billion active users a month, Facebook has the largest audience of any social media platform in the world. A major advantage to advertising on Facebook is the ability to reach a large group of people who are similar to your target customer, based on their interests and behavior. Facebook Lookalike Audience targeting is one of the three types of “Custom Audiences” available for ad targeting. Using Lookalike Audiences, there’s no need to manage keywords or guess about customer interests. You can identify and target your audience by simply...

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Optimize voice search for SEO and PPC
Oct 13 2016

6 Areas to Optimize Voice Search for SEO and PPC

Apple’s Siri has pushed us into a world that once only seemed possible on shows like Star Trek or The Jetsons. 25 years ago, no one would have believed that we could have a casual conversation with a robot.   So what do Siri, Cortana, and Alexa have to do with SEO? Well, they’re all search engines.   Voice search is a fast growing trend – and it’s not likely to disappear. In fact, earlier this year Google shared that nearly 25% of searches performed on mobile devices were done through voice search. This...

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Jun 22 2016

Phoning It In – Google’s New AdWords Update Means Much More on Mobile

Co-authored by Wendy Hwang   Did you have a chance to watch Google’s Performance Summit in late May? Because we did, and we are buzzing with excitement at the groundbreaking new changes Google is about to implement to AdWords. Let’s discuss!   Make it mobile, like yesterday   Google announced that its search traffic is now in the trillions, and mobile searches occupy half of that space. This is huge, and it means that “mobile-first” will become its very own entity within AdWords.   Bidding may now be adjusted individually based on device type: desktop, tablet, or mobile....

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Feb 23 2016

AdWords Removes Right Sidebar Ads

  The SEM industry has been abuzz with AdWords’ recent decision to remove right sidebar ads. They’ve been testing this view for some time but last week confirmed the official removal which is currently being rolled out worldwide.   Why the Change, AdWords?   Nobody but Google really knows why they do what they do. They’ve always been deliberately mysterious about their actions when it comes to search, possibly fearing people will work the “system” should they share too much info. What we do know is Google has made a multitude of changes to the...

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May 05 2015

Don’t Wait to Verify your Call and Location Extensions in AdWords

Here at Mambo Media, we recommend the use of ad extensions to enhance Google AdWords. Ad extensions offer visitors increased opportunities to engage with an ad by displaying additional information like direct links to offers, (white papers, case stories) “click to call” or location information. In most cases, we’ve seen that utilizing extensions result in higher conversion rates. In their quest to provide the best experience to their search users, Google is once again requiring that websites verify the ownership of their Google services.

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Mar 16 2015

Why Your Website Needs to Be Mobile-friendly by April 2015

Is your site prepared for Google’s upcoming mobile algorithm update? Just because people can access your website on their smartphone does NOT mean it is a mobile optimized site! You now have a deadline of April 2015 to make your website mobile-friendly or you’ll have to suffer the ranking consequences from the Google Gods.

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