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Jun 28 2021

(Re)Aligning Your Target Audience

(Re)Aligning Your Target Audience    If you are like many of our clients, your goals for the year are centered around growth: driving sales, garnering leads, and increasing revenue. To support your sales team, you create content, post on your social media accounts and send out emails all in the hopes of generating leads.    That's great — you already have powerful tools for sales enablement, but are those tools really working? 2021 is an exciting year for companies to create meaningful change to better suit their customers. The key is in knowing exactly WHO your customers (target audience) are.    How to determine your target audience:   Your target audience should be the individuals most likely to do business with you. Depending on your...

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8 Tips to revive your marketing in 2021
May 18 2021

Eight Tips to Revive Your Marketing in 2021

Eight Tips to Revive Your Marketing in 2021   Heading into 2020, marketers were riding the wave of tried-and-true strategies that have been successful for years. Then 2020 hit, and things turned upside down in the blink of an eye. Marketing teams were caught off guard with the necessary shifts and adapted as best they could to the changing situation.    As a result, offices downsized, in-person events ceased to exist and people were genuinely worried about how to keep their businesses afloat amid a pandemic. According to a Yelp! Report released fall 2020, over 60% of small business closures due to the pandemic were permanent.    Despite all...

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Making Sense of GDPR and Its Implications for US Businesses -
Jun 04 2018

Making Sense of GDPR and Its Implications for US Businesses

In recent weeks, you’ve probably received many emails from businesses about their updated privacy policies, or noticed an increase in website pop-ups asking you to give consent to the site’s use of cookies. There’s a reason for that. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Union’s new data privacy law, took effect on May 25, 2018. Its goal is to ensure the security and proper handling of personal data collected by businesses and to allow individuals to better control if and how their data is used. While parts of...

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Hands holding wrists in a knot shape
Feb 07 2018

3 Ways Marketing Enables Sales for Success

In 2018, digital marketers will face continued pressure to optimize their efforts online, to generate marketing qualified leads, and to enable sales teams to close those with leads. Marketers are taking more responsibility for the sales funnel and are needing to prove the impact of their work with data. The key to success is a modern digital marketing strategy that is measurable, repeatable, and delivers results.   Luckily, platforms that support data-driven, user-first strategic marketing campaigns are stronger and more integrated than ever. (Read how Hubspot and a modern strategy increased pipeline...

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Jul 28 2017

HubSpot Technology and a Modern Strategy Leads to 194% Pipeline Increase

  Fueling Passion while Feeding the Pipeline   The Company   From the White House to the workforce, organizations are calling for digital literacy in the classroom. By 2020, it is estimated that nearly 80% of jobs will require some level of technology proficiency, yet 58% of those currently entering the workforce have low skills in solving problems with technology. Many students across the nation are not being exposed to the digital education they need to be successful later in life. In fact, a whopping 70% of elementary school teachers feel their students are...

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Dec 07 2016

3 Reasons Why Email is So Effective for Holiday Marketing

As we enter the mad rush of holiday shopping, many businesses across the globe anticipate their biggest revenue spike of the year. Retailers expect to hit up to 30%, of their annual sales during November and December, and historical holiday sales are forecasted to increase by 3.6%, or $655 billion in 2016.   We’ve all experienced the shift to online shopping and mobile commerce. Marketers who’ve embraced digital strategies may wonder how effective email is during the holiday season, and whether it should still carry weight in their marketing mix. Here are 3 reasons...

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How To Make Your Customers Love You
Aug 08 2016

How to Make Your Customers Love You

Co-authored by Elena Foley   You may think you’ve captured your customer through a persona that you have developed, but how much do you really understand your base?  When we talk about building customer love, we’re not talking about starry-eyed romance as much as providing a really great experience that draws your customers in and makes them want to do business with you. This experience can be applied to any customer touch point, including: social media, mobile responsiveness, ecommerce, user experience, or even web design. What’s underneath, however, is a really solid...

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Apr 26 2016

How to Make the Most Out of Marketo Summit

Are you planning to attend Marketo’s Summit conference? Follow Mambo’s tips to not only survive, but thrive while at one of the most anticipated marketing conferences of the year.   Plan Ahead—You Gain a lot More from the Event   Take a look at the conference schedule and plan out the activities, networking events and educational sessions that you want to attend. There will be a TON of people to meet, sights to see, events to experience, and industry experts to learn from. Without a plan, you may easily end up spinning your wheels...

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Apr 26 2016

Don’t Miss These Sessions at Marketo Summit 2016

Read about the top picks for this year's Marketo Summit including Marketo Pro Tips: New Ideas You Can Implement Today with Adam New-Waterson, Full Funnel Marketing – Integrating Sales & Marketing to Increase Results & Success with Matt Heinz, Beyond Basic Targeting: Building your Nurture Targeting Strategy and Providing Real ROI with Edward Unthink, and last but not least, Algorhythm- The Pulse of Creativity, Data and the Future of Brands with Mitch Joel....

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Apr 21 2016

Top 4 Must-See Marketo Summit Sessions

Marketo’s annual summit is only a few weeks away, and as I reflect back on my own experiences at past Marketo User Summits (2012 – 2015) as a Marketo employee, I can’t help but look at this year through an entirely different lens. A Las Vegas lens mind you; but still coming from a new wide-eyed Marketo employee in 2012 to a seasoned Marketo Speaker and University Day Instructor to an actual attendee has been an amazing journey as a Marketing and a Sales professional.  What my experience has provided...

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