Why Your Marketing Plan Needs to Include a Mobile Strategy

Jul 16 2015

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile adoption has increased at such an astounding rate that mobile connectivity has undoubtedly permeated today’s culture to the point of ubiquity. Consumers are never far from their smartphone or tablet. Mobile marketing is marketing focused on this base of ever-connected and engaged business and consumer prospects.

According to comScore’s 2015 Global Mobile Report, “Smartphones are now driving the highest portion of digital media time spent amongst Millennials age 18-34, a dynamic that is most pronounced in the US” where they account for 61% of digital time spent.

Mobile marketing activities can reach consumers via avenues such as email, web, SMS messaging, social sharing, mobile app and mobile notifications via beacons, which are all over the news this week.

Marketing via such channels allows the savvy marketer to utilize mobile devices to engage with customers at critical points in the buying lifecycle and at any time and place with messaging that advances your brand’s value and consumer demand.

Are you taking advantage of the large, growing and captive mobile audience?

Why Should I Focus on Mobile Marketing?

When considering if you should incorporate mobile marketing into your company’s marketing mix let’s consider three important statistics from our friends at Marketo and IDC.

First, as Marketo found in 2014, there were 7.7 billion mobile devices globally while there were only 7.1 billion humans. You read that correctly, there are now more mobile devices than people on earth.

Second, in Marketo’s Mobile Benchmark Survey, they found 50% of mobile device users reported making a purchase in a mobile browser in the previous month.

Third, according to IDC, 79% of smartphone users keep their device on, or near them, for all but two hours of their day.

However, despite the undeniable growth in mobile usage worldwide, mobile as a marketing platform has yet to be fully leveraged by marketers. There’s no better time than now to capitalize on the potential power of mobile marketing.

Where do I Start if I Want to Create a Solid Mobile Experience?

An important component of a well-rounded inbound marketing strategy is to delight your customers into promoters of your company to increase your market reach.

Yet, 57% of users won’t recommend a company with a poor mobile website. In today’s mobile world, it’s more important than ever to ensure your company is providing a seamless and positive user experience across all platforms.

A good first step to ensure you have a solid foundation to support the success of a mobile marketing strategy is moving to responsive design for your website, blog, landing pages, and marketing emails. Responsive design is an approach to digital design that provides an optimal experience across platforms by fluidly adapting the layout to the platform size.

Why Should I Focus on Responsive Design?

A whopping 74% of consumers use (you guessed it!) a mobile version of a search engine before making a purchase. Additionally, Google’s April 2015 algorithm update means that if a website is not mobile-friendly it will suffer the ranking consequences in mobile search. Beyond the effects of the lost search engine ranking, a responsive mobile experience simply provides a better user experience.

Not only will a responsive design help you boost your search engine ranking strength, it is a cost effective approach to designing your mobile marketing experience. Responsive design simplifies the design process by requiring only one version of the platform rather than creating and serving up separate desktop and mobile experiences, saving you time and money.

Now is the Time to Capitalize on Mobile Marketing!

With the continued growth of mobile marketing, now is the time to make mobile an important component in your integrated inbound marketing strategy. If you are interested in moving your company’s digital properties to a responsive digital environment or would like help developing a solid mobile marketing strategy, Mambo Media is here to help.

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