Why You Should Give Tumblr a Tumble: My 5 Favorite Features

Dec 08 2010

Tumblr is turning from a niche community of artists into a genuinely useful platform and social network full of brilliant writers, awesome blogs and big name brands. Some popular brands on Tumblr are; Travel Channel, Mashable,  The New Yorker, FourSquare and Life to name a few. A few of the main selling points of Tumblr are:

1. Ease of Use: Tumblr has a simplified user interface, allowing users to upload simply by clicking on a button for text, picture, video, etc. Like other social media sites, on Tumblr users can ‘follow’ other users. Following someone puts their posts on the dashboard, allowing the user to quickly read updates without having to visit other blogs.

2. Stylish & Sophisticated Design: There are hundreds of genuinely beautiful but equally customizable designs or “themes” for users to grab and make their own with no knowledge of HTML or CSS. Or you can spring for the non-free themes out there of which there are tons to choose from.

3. The In Crowd: Tumblr has managed to attract the “right” crowd to the platform, and they have created a vibrant, working social element. Users can easily re-post the cool things discovered on other users’ blogs; and for advanced users, they can allow readers to submit their own content, by clicking ‘enable audience submissions’ in the advanced features tab.

4. What is Tumblelogging?

The style of blogging used on Tumblr is a unique style of microblogging which has been labeled as tumblelogging. Microblogging is essentially just a shorter form of a blog that is normally a short message of two or three sentences. Twitter has made microblogging popular, only allowing users to have updates of 140 characters or less.

Tumblelogging gives stronger focus on mixed media. This means that videos and photos can be embedded within the post instead of simply shown as a link.

5. Some Tumblr Blogs Worth Following:

tumblr-pratt tumblr-molls tumblr-daily-what

Did I miss any? What is your favorite Tumblr blog?

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