Bob’s Red Mill: Nonprofit Event

Overall Objective of the Campaign

Bob’s Red Mill founders Bob and Charlee Moore gave the OHSU Foundation one of its largest pledges in its history –  $25 million – to study childhood nutrition and obesity. The Bob and Charlee Moore Institute for Nutrition and Wellness at OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University) would lead the medical community, worldwide, in tackling childhood obesity.

Mambo Media’s task was:

  1. Organize a team of communicators to promote the announcement/press conference  – held on September 16, 2011 – via social channels
  2. Create a storm of local, social conversations so traditional press would generate additional coverage
  3. Promote Bob’s Red Mill (BRM) and its philanthropic dedication while exhibiting to the business community the excellent stewardship and organization of the nonprofit arm of OHSU.

What strategy did you use to complete the campaign?         

The first strategic approach was one of Social PR – using social channels to furnish journalists and Oregon influencers with key information, access to the Moore’s and OHSU officials, and multimedia assets. Mambo leveraged an online press release tool, PitchEngine, to house key talking points, photos, videos, and stories, so time-crunched and resource-strapped journalists could generate press without delay. Everything they needed to post the story within minutes of the announcement was catered a la the Social Media Press Release.

The second leg of the strategy involved four organizations – Bob’s Red Mill, OHSU Foundation, Bob Red Mill’s PR agency and Mambo – in ensuring that all assets be pushed out on the eight social channels of Bob’s Red Mill and the entire OHSU organization. Mambo facilitated a core team of seven top frontline communicators to lead the effort.

The credo of Mambo’s event methodology is before, during, and after.  Create interest and curiosity before the event; cover and entice audiences during the event; educate absentees or engage attendees after the event.

Each unit had to contribute to each stage of the effort, while also feeding journalists and influencers.

“What quantifiable results do you have?”

  • The Social Media Press Release Garnered 2,500+ Unique User Views Within a 48-Hour Time Frame
  • The Traditional Press Release Received 1,078 Unique User Views on the OHSU website Within the same 48-hour Time Frame
  • The Announcement Owned Top 40 Google Search Results for Both Brand Terms
  • 91,000+ Facebook  post Views
  • On Facebook: 75% Increase in Views and165% Increase in Feedback Compared to Same time-frame in previous week
  • Over 1 Million Impressions on Twitter!
  • #BRMOHSU, the Custom Hashtag, Number One Live Trending Topic in Portland on September 16….owning the Portland Twitterverse!
  • 22 News Sources Posted Articles on the Pledge

Better yet, local and philanthropic influencers shared content with their networks, and the story garnered local press coverage throughout the weekend. Bob and Charlee Moore, with the work of  the communications team, received coverage for their philanthropy and determination to promote nutrition in children.

Bob and Charlee Moore, with the work of  the communications team, received coverage for their philanthropy and determination to promote nutrition in children.

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