A Day Against the Green Screen

Apr 15 2010

Last week the Mambo creative team spent a long day at a Portland production studio shooting several short videos for one of our clients. The videos were scripted, cast and directed by Mambo personnel, then produced using a professional camera crew and actors.

Our client in this case is a large telecommunications firm that wants to promote its online customer service products. The goal of these videos is to use humorous short stories to illustrate the value that these products can provide to the web visitor, while delivering significant bottom-line advantages to businesses that use them. The three episodes will be featured in a web-based e-book as part of a larger social media marketing campaign. New episodes will appear every quarter.

Mambo has several years experience in producing video content for the web, typically shot on-site at customer locations. In this case, however, all the shots were done against a green screen, which saved us building costly sets and allows us to add in various backgrounds later. This required use of a fully-equipped production studio so we could use the full light grid to properly fill the green screen.

We are nearly done with two weeks of post-production and are very excited to deliver the completed episodes in early February.

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Paul Hamerton-Kelly
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