Author:Paul Hamerton-Kelly

Mar 24 2015

2015 Security Update for Slider Revolution Plugin

Mambo Media has built many websites for our clients over the years, and a large number of them have been built on the WordPress CMS. For appealing presentation of portfolio images, logos or other visuals, we have often deployed a plugin called Slider Revolution Premium. This is a popular, robust plugin by ThemePunch sold on the Envato marketplace. It is also frequently included as part of many WordPress themes. "Recently it was disclosed that older versions of this plugin have a significant security vulnerability that allows hackers to gain access to...

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Jul 24 2014

Ready, Set, Action: How to Plan For and Create a Video Library

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and presents a powerful, personable way to connect with your audience. With 50% of visitors using it to watch business related videos and 75% of users visiting the marketers’ website after viewing a video, it is the prime platform to share valuable content related to your brand. So how does one harness the power of this search engine? By creating a video library! Here are 5 questions to consider before embarking on this expensive and time consuming venture. 1. What do I...

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Jun 29 2012

Social Media Monitoring and Big Brother

Any good brand manager knows that monitoring social media mentions of your product is a great way to maintain your reputation and keep any issues from getting out of hand.  The US federal government knows this too, and has been monitoring email and social media for years now. This is not a new approach to intelligence gathering, as monitoring “chatter” has long been a staple of national security work.  But thanks to a few concerned citizens, we now know what words to avoid using if we don’t want to catch the...

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Feb 24 2011

Don’t Forget the Soundtrack

When clients ask us to create video assets to support their marketing efforts, they often have a pretty strong idea of what imagery they want. But that’s really only half the recipe when it comes to making a compelling video. In addition to great visuals, you need great audio to make a complete video experience.

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Sep 22 2010

On the Road to CLASS

So we packed up the truck full of lighting gear, microphones and our Canon 7D (with lots of RedRock Micro rigging) and hit the road to interview teachers and administrators in three different Oregon public school districts.  Over two days, we conducted a dozen interviews and collected B-roll footage from schools and administrative offices in Sherwood, Forest Grove and Tillamook.

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May 19 2010

Tips for editing and delivering web videos

The Mambo creative team recently finished filming and post production on a series of three short videos commissioned by one of our clients.  As I described in an earlier post, we shot our actors against a green screen that allowed us to sketch in backgrounds during post.   This approach gave us great flexibility during editing, cost far less that building sets and backgrounds, and resulted in a really fun, consistent look for the three shorts.  Our client was really pleased with the result.

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Apr 15 2010

A Day Against the Green Screen

Last week the Mambo creative team spent a long day at a Portland production studio shooting several short videos for one of our clients. The videos were scripted, cast and directed by Mambo personnel, then produced using a professional camera crew and actors.

Our client in this case is a large telecommunications firm that wants to promote its online customer service products.

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Nov 24 2009

Using RSS Feeds to Monitor Social Media

If you are interested in monitoring social media and other web-based networks for mentions of your name, brand or products, you are faced with the possibly enormous task of staying current on discussions happening in possibly hundreds of virtual locations. Carefully crafted searches channeled via RSS feeds can bring you what you need in real time.

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