Don’t Wait to Verify your Call and Location Extensions in AdWords

May 05 2015

Here at Mambo Media, we recommend the use of ad extensions to enhance Google AdWords. Ad extensions offer visitors increased opportunities to engage with an ad by displaying additional information like direct links to offers, (white papers, case stories) “click to call” or location information. In most cases, we’ve seen that utilizing extensions result in higher conversion rates. In their quest to provide the best experience to their search users, Google is once again requiring that websites verify the ownership of their Google services.

Impending Verification Deadline

Google has announced that as of June 2015 they’ll begin requiring verification of ownership for all ads utilizing call extensions and location extension phone numbers. Why? They want proof that the number on the ad is associated with the business being promoted. If you’re unable to verify your phone number your ads will be disapproved. Advertisers have three options to verify phone numbers:

  1. List the phone number used in the ad on the connected website in text
  2. Link your AdWords and Google Webmaster Tools accounts
  3. Add the AdWords conversion code to the landing page of the ad

Note that advertisers using third party call tracking services are still able to use options #2 and #3 to verify the numbers.

Authentication standards are pretty easy to implement, so don’t wait until June! Be proactive and verify your ad extensions now, as it can take up to 7 days to process the verification.

Mambo’s Extension Recommendations

We recommend linking your AdWords and Analytics accounts in Google Webmaster Tools. Learn how here—it’s just two simple clicks if you already have a Webmaster Tools account. If you don’t already have a Webmaster Tools account, get one now! It will provide you with valuable information on how search engines crawl your site and alerts you if it finds any issues.

Who Should Use Call Extensions?

If phone calls are important to your business, whether it be to schedule an appointment, order a product or talk with a consultant, call extensions can simplify your conversion process.

How Can Call Extensions Benefit Your Ad?

Adding call extensions makes it easy for people to contact you while on a mobile device.

• Your ad can be created as a “click to call” display, meaning if people click on a phone number it will automatically call rather than redirecting a user to a website.
• Making your ad more relevant with high performing extensions can improve Ad Rank.
• AdWords estimates that an ad’s click through rate (CTR) will increase by 6 – 8% when call extensions are used.

Other Policies You Should Be Aware of For Using Call Extensions

• The phone number must be accurate, active and relevant to the company being promoted (this will now be regulated via the new verification process).
• Your ad cannot be linked to a fax number.
• You cannot use numbers that cost callers additional money to call (i.e. 1-900), nor can you use vanity numbers (i.e. 1800-Call-Now).
• Voicemail numbers are not allowed.

If you violate Google’s rules you will not only risk disapproved ads but also suspension of all ads going to your website until the problem is resolved! Or worse, if you don’t comply you could risk suspension of the entire ad account. Visit Google’s policy page for full details.

Interested in learning how Mambo can help you manage or optimize your PPC ads? Need help in your Google Analytics and Google Adwords Accounts? Connect with Mambo today!

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