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May 31 2016

Infographic: Baby Boomers, The Transformation Generation

With all the hoopla around Millennials and Gen Z, it may be tempting to focus all your strategic efforts on impressing these digital natives. But don’t! Baby Boomers, aged 52-70, are America’s second largest generation, have had a significant influence on our notion of the modern consumer, and yes, they are digitally connected.   Here at Mambo Media, we recognize that Boomers are a unique demographic. They’re traditionalists with tremendous buying power: predicted to control 70% of the country’s disposable income and spend $15 trillion by the end of 2019. Boomers are...

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Apr 08 2016

Infographic: Meet Gen Z

Are you currently marketing to Gen Z?  This generation, comprised of teens and kids 18 years old and younger, is currently 60 million-strong and already has huge spending power and economic influence. Take a look at Mambo’s latest infographic to learn more about these marketing game changers or read our blog post that outlines some of their values, needs and behaviors....

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Mar 09 2016

Tips to Break through Your Blogger’s Block

  There are a many articles available that can provide you with topic ideas if you’re feeling uninspired and don’t know what to blog about. But be warned—this blog is not one of them! Here, we’ll address how you can break through your writer's block to be productive and maybe even prevent it from happening again in the future.   We understand that experiencing writer’s block can drive you mad. Follow these tips and tricks so that you will be able to not only write an article but make it a good one!...

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Jan 06 2016

First of Year Recommended Reads: Digital Marketing Edition.

The holidays are a great time to kickback, unplug and catch up on some light digital marketing reading. This year, Mambo Media’s CEO, Siouxsie Jennett, has shared a few of her favorite marketing articles that she read over the holidays. Did you read a great article that you’re dying to share? Post it in the comments section below!   IDC Does It Again with Fabulous End of Year Predictions   IDC’s annual end of year predictions are always an insightful read. With research-backed statistics, IDC’s CMO FutureScape is the digital market equivalent of looking...

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Dec 30 2015

Mambo Media’s 2016 Marketing Trends: Part 2

  In Part 2 of Mambo Media’s Marketing Trends blog series, we’ve rounded up a few more of Mambo’s leading experts to share their 2016 marketing predictions. Did you miss part 1 of our Marketing Trends blog series? Click here to read it first.   Allison Dyer, Mambo Media VP of Marketing Transformation Services   The jig is UP on the easy button around Marketing Automation! The C-level is sitting up and paying attention to what Marketing Automation can actually do to drive business growth and REVENUE. They are seeing their peers fail after making...

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Dec 30 2015

Mambo Media’s 2016 Marketing Trends: Part 1

It’s that time of the year again! The turn of the year is a common time to reflect back on the past twelve months and reminisce about special moments, accomplishments and lessons learned. The New Year is also an important time to look ahead and plan for the future. At Mambo Media, we feel lucky to work in an industry that is constantly evolving as new technologies, consumer behaviors and marketing trends emerge. This year, we’ve rounded up a few of Mambo’s leading experts to share their 2016 marketing predictions....

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Nov 18 2015

Why Omnichannel Marketing and User Experience Go Hand in Hand

  As 2015 comes to a close, businesses across the globe are looking at what strategies will be driving the future of marketing in 2016 and beyond. At Mambo Media, we believe in a comprehensive approach to marketing which includes an integrated, omnichannel marketing strategy. Let’s explore why implementing an omnichannel experience should be part of your 2016 marketing plan.   What is omnichannel marketing?   Omnichannel marketing focuses on providing a seamless brand experience that is personalized for users regardless of how they interact with your brand. Whether a consumer is surfing your website,...

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Oct 28 2015

It’s Time to Start Your Year-End Fundraising Strategy

Year-end fundraising can be the most important time of the year for many nonprofits and planning ahead is critical. December is undeniably the most important fundraising month and all nonprofits should be prepared to make the most of it with a solid marketing communication strategy.   As the 2015 Network for Good Digital Giving Index notes, nearly 30% of annual giving occurs in December with 11% happening in the last three days of the year.       The confluence of the holiday giving spirit and the rush to take advantage of philanthropy’s tax benefits means you could...

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Sep 09 2015

Infographic: Millennials: The Digital Generation

At Mambo Media, we have a lot of clients who approach us asking, “What’s the deal with Millennials?” With their incredible purchasing power, digital savviness and unique perspectives consumerism, we think Millennials are an important generation to understand and market to. Check out Mambo’s infographic that outlines the key characteristics and values of the modern Millennial.     Want to make sure Millennials are a part of your marketing strategy? Drop Mambo a line, we can help.  ...

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