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Aug 26 2015

Chrome Browser Keyboard Shortcuts: Tips & Tricks of a Digital Marketer

Many people know keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft products like Word and Excel but did you know there are shortcuts for your search browser as well? The last thing I want to do to when working on a project is waste valuable time that could be better spent on research, strategy, and/or implementation, so I’m always looking for ways to increase my efficiency. If you primarily use Google’s Chrome web browser, you’ll save a lot of time with the shortcuts, tips and tricks shared below. While these browser shortcuts are for Windows,...

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Aug 12 2015

Brace Yourself! How this Google Shakeup will Impact your Business.

Google has been in the news a lot this week! The company’s recent announcement that they created a parent holding company, Alphabet, has been dominating the headlines over the last few days. However, lesser known changes include their quiet separation from Google+ and many business services changes which will have a huge impact on local SEO. We’ve compiled a roundup of recent changes and how they can impact businesses and websites. What’s the Deal with Alphabet? Breathe easy! The Alphabet announcement is a corporate restructuring move and should have no immediate or...

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Jul 01 2015

4th of July Recommended Reads: Digital Marketing Edition

With the holiday weekend approaching, some of our readers may have some surely well-deserved down-time to catch up on their reading. Despite the emergence of new media consumption platforms every day, I still find myself drawn to blogs. My preferred method of consumption is via the Feedly platform on my mobile phone. Feedly does a great job of transforming RSS feeds from your favorite domains into a photograph and quick summation for each article. I have created a folder specifically for my favorite digital marketing feeds and overtime, have narrowed down to a few tried and true that I’d like to share with you this 4th of July.

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May 28 2015

Four Do’s and Don’ts for a Winning Inbound Marketing Strategy

Has your marketing team developed a true inbound marketing strategy? Are your email marketing efforts giving you the ROI you hoped for? Does your content speak to each of your buyer personas throughout their entire buyer’s journey?

If any or all of these questions speak to you, it might be time to embrace inbound marketing and consider how marketing automation platforms like Marketo or HubSpot can lead to more qualified leads, higher conversion rates and – yes – even the holy grail of increased revenue.

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May 12 2015

Five Key Elements to any Marketing Automation Strategy

You’ve implemented a Marketing Automation platform, developed personas, mapped the buyer’s journey and established measurable goals for your campaign. You’re ready to go, right? Well, not necessarily.

When developing a marketing automation strategy, the following items are keys to your success:

#1 Contacts

The key question is how “clean” is your email list? It’s not the quantity that counts, it’s the quality! Does your marketing automation software remove emails that have previously had a “hard bounce”? A hard bounce is an email address that permanently fails to send.

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Dec 30 2014

Part Two: How to Convert Qualified Leads to Brand Advocates

In our previous blog post of this series, we examined the methodology, tactics, and tools for attracting and converting visitors into qualified leads. Now that you’ve created great content for your well-researched personas and convinced them to complete a form to download your high-value content offer, what’s next? If a salesperson calls them pre-maturely, with nearly 50% of consumers not yet ready to purchase, you risk creating a negative experience for your potential customer, or worse, losing the deal.

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Nov 21 2014

What is CASL? How Your Business Can Ensure CASL Compliance.

You may have heard murmurs that Canada recently released a new law called Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). Effective July 1, 2014, this new legislation will drastically impact digital marketers and businesses that send commercial emails. Penalties for non-compliance with these strict new email marketing requirements will come at a high price. The Canadian government announced that businesses can be fined for up to $10 million dollars for failure to follow legislative guidelines.

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Oct 27 2014

Three Reasons Why Your Social Media Paid Ad Campaign Will Fail

From fame to fortune to followers—there are many lucrative outcomes to social media advertising. However, there are also many chances for failure, misused time and wasted money.

Social media advertising is not as simple as “build it and they will come”. Brands dream of creating a beautiful ad, with a great image and killer copy; clicking publish and watching revenue pour in.

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Oct 15 2014

HubSpot’s Inbound 2014 Highlights: Keynote Speakers

10,000 marketers descended on this year’s Inbound 2014, in the heart of downtown Boston. With nearly double the attendance of last year, this turnout legitimizes the acceptance of the inbound methodology and the shifting power of consumers. Providing education and value to your audience continues to be the foundational element of a solid content marketing strategy, and topics such as personalization and real-time marketing have gone from experimental to mainstream. The sessions were jam-packed with brilliant marketers, industry thought leaders and marketing automation experts. We’ll be sharing more of our...

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Sep 30 2014

Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Update – Embracing Real-Time Marketing

Facebook recently announced that they have made changes to their Newsfeed Algorithm—once again! This latest update prioritizes showing users posts that they want to see, when they want to see them. Whether it’s a devastating college football loss or an uplifting news story, Facebook is taking a cue from Twitter by testing a more “real-time” user experience. Facebook’s latest algorithm update presents an opportunity for brands to better interact and engage with consumers on trending topics. The first part of Facebook’s algorithm update prioritizes posts that mention a trending topic. Facebook...

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