Tips to Break through Your Blogger’s Block

Mar 09 2016


There are a many articles available that can provide you with topic ideas if you’re feeling uninspired and don’t know what to blog about. But be warned—this blog is not one of them! Here, we’ll address how you can break through your writer’s block to be productive and maybe even prevent it from happening again in the future.


We understand that experiencing writer’s block can drive you mad. Follow these tips and tricks so that you will be able to not only write an article but make it a good one! (Because let’s face it; there’s nothing worse than writing a forced, uninspired piece).


Create a “Writing Ritual”


We are creatures of habit and a systematic ritual can help program your writing brain. Whether it’s drinking a cup of coffee while writing the outline or taking a walk around the block before doing the research, a structured ritual will help you feel much more focused and get things done more efficiently. Not convinced? Read this great book: The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business


Begin with Baby Steps


•Break the task into bite sized chunks. Tackle your writing one piece at a time.

•Start with the easiest piece first.

•Create the outline on paper.

•Focus on one paragraph at a time.

•Try writing backwards. Start with the call to action at the end and work your way into the intro.

•Combat your writer’s block by taking the creative piece out of it and replacing it with the practical element. Start with the purpose of the topic, you can always edit it later to make it more fun to read.

•Try writing from the middle. It’s often the intro that is overwhelming. How do you introduce something that doesn’t exist yet? Get the “meat and potatoes” down first and the rest will follow. Fill in the body and then craft the conclusion and/or call to action. Having these already done will make the intro writing that much easier.


Change your Idea Jotting or Writing Technique


Sometimes we get writer’s block because it feels too overwhelming to get the “perfect piece” down. If you usually write on a computer, try going “old school” and experiment writing with pen and paper. Or, talk things out. Record your notes and ideas on your phone or computer recording device so that your brain just has one task to work on—coming up with ideas. Then transcribe your ideas later or even delegate it to someone else to write.


Be Your Own Muse


If the desire to write isn’t burning inside then take the time to inspire yourself!

•Clear your head with a walk or take a quick meditation break. Oftentimes the best ideas come when you’re not trying too hard.

•Listen to music or do something fun. What better way to get the creative juices flowing than by doing something creative?


Read and Research


•Visit other relevant blogs. There’s content ideas everywhere. Don’t be afraid to seek inspiration, just be sure to offer your own perspective on the topic. Better yet, read what’s already ranking. Chances are that content is already popular and highly targeted. Sometimes it just takes seeing some examples of good content to get those ideas flowing.

•Read the news or a magazine. Looking up what’s timely may help to jigger those ideas out of their sleep stage.


Bribe…err…Reward Yourself


If all else fails create your own motivation with a treat. Sometimes it’s difficult to just push through, so a tangible reward is necessary. Once you’ve completed three articles treat yourself to a pedicure, movie, or any other guilt-free reward! You deserve it!


Go ahead and use one or all of these tips the next time you’re finding yourself staring at a blank white screen.

Did we miss one that works for you? Please share them in the comments! We’d love to hear more.

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