Author:Siouxsie Jennett

Nov 08 2013

Calling All Troops!

Mambo is honored to have many amazing clients. Today we’re super excited as one of them, Portland’s helmet company Nutcase Helmets, put on their nuttiest gear and headed to Philadelphia for the Philly Bike Expo this weekend. Being successful at live tweeting doesn’t happen by just showing up at the event. Nutcase has an integrated digital and traditional marketing plan that stretches across all channels. In this week's blog (and a follow-up, to be posted next week), I provide recommendations for effective live tweeting for an event to complement all the...

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Aug 01 2013

Is Your Crisis Communications Go-Bag Packed?

A crisis can come even when least expected. An internal employee accidentally tweets on the company account. A disgruntled associate takes private information public. A video goes viral at an inopportune time. One customer’s complaint snowballs into a wave of negative feedback from followers. Are you prepared? In the rapid network of communication and social media, all businesses are at risk for a PR disaster to strike. No matter your company’s size, if you don’t have a crisis communications plan, a small spark could spread like wildfire and damage the reputation...

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Apr 23 2013

Think Tank: Next Gen Social

It's tough enough keeping up with the massive proliferation of social media channels over the last few years. But what will marketing look like five years from now? Which trends will be important enough to impact marketing and our lives? Maybe more importantly, in terms of time and resource investment, what channels and trends can we ignore? I asked three very sharp colleagues to join me at the eMarketing Summit to ponder these questions and have a lively discussion on where technology meets anthropology, and what it all means to marketers...

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May 08 2012

Mambo Media Wins SoMe Awards for “Agency of the Year” and “Best ROI Under $10k”

We’d like to thank the SoMe Awards for a night we’ll never forget! Music, drinks, PhotoBlasting, hosting by Stephanie Stricklen - and if that wasn’t enough, Mambo won two SoMe Awards! The SoMe Awards celebrate innovative and effective social media projects, programs and campaigns. For the third year in a row, Mambo Media won the Agency of the Year award! Mambo’s entry was an organization-wide social media restructuring, which included conducting an analysis of the client’s market, giving thorough training and building consensus among the organization’s departments. The Agency of the Year award...

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Apr 03 2012

Social Media Marketing Course at PSU

I’ve been asked to teach a Social Media Marketing course at Portland State University! We will be covering case studies about the Mambo Media methodology that we use with our clients every day, so the students will get an idea of how our methodology works in practice. Here’s the course description and a list of certificates this course applies toward: WM403 Social Media Marketing The proliferation of social media platforms and applications has changed the marketing landscape significantly, impacting how we buy and sell products, and how we reach customers, interact with friends, and...

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Bob’s Red Mill: Nonprofit Event

Overall Objective of the Campaign Bob’s Red Mill founders Bob and Charlee Moore gave the OHSU Foundation one of its largest pledges in its history –  $25 million – to study childhood nutrition and obesity. The Bob and Charlee Moore Institute for Nutrition and Wellness at OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University) would lead the medical community, worldwide, in tackling childhood obesity. Mambo Media’s task was: Organize a team of communicators to promote the announcement/press conference  – held on September 16, 2011 – via social channels Create a storm of local, social conversations so...

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OHSU: Marketing Efforts Transformation

Overall Objective of the Campaign The Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU) is comprised of  four main units of operation: Hospital, Medical School, Research, and Philanthropy. In each are countless smaller entities. For example, the Dental school is part of the Education unit; Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital Foundation is under the Philanthropy unit; the Knight Cancer Institute is under both research and healthcare unit. Each unit, prior to OHSU’s engagement with Mambo Media, had its own small staff of frontline communicators and dedicated channels. For instance, the Knight Cancer Institute had its own...

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Sage ERP X3: Social Media Restructuring

Overall Objective of the Campaign Approached by Sage ERP to develop a global social media strategy for their 17-country marketing and PR team, Mambo Media embarked on a long-term partnership with this world-wide ERP heavy hitter to create the most effective approach to modern marketing from a global perspective that could also be replicated across the multi-country landscape. Leveraging our well-established social media methodology, we worked with Sage to develop a highly-successful and ever-evolving social media strategy.  Our first task, and the first step of our methodology, was to establish strategic goals...

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Jan 30 2012

2012 Marketing Planning – 4 Business Realities to Consider, Parts 3 and 4

Catch up on Part 1 and Part 2 of Siouxsie’s 4-part series on 2012: The Year of Business Realities.

REALITY 3 – Smart Integration of New Tools

We so often see organizations paralyzed by the implementation of a new technology where so much time and energy was put into researching just the right solution and then somehow the actual implementation and training was treated as an afterthought.  With the best of intentions, decisions were made, large budgets were spent, and now it’s up to the “doers” to implement and ensure the new solution is optimized to the highest level. 

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Jan 12 2012

2012 Marketing Planning – 4 Business Realities to Consider when Planning

In this four-part series I will share real business challenges we encounter in the organizations we work with and suggest how you might look at your business, staff and marketing endeavors differently with the goal of creating a more realistic and effective 2012. REALITY 2 – Invest in Human Resources It sounds so trite, so simple, but sadly education for our staff is often overlooked or the first thing cut in the jockeying for budget dollars. But let me ask you this: How many of your people are now expected to manage...

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