Author:Siouxsie Jennett

Nov 23 2011

Yes: In Response to Seth Godin’s “No.”

Yes, we take exceptional and well-endowed clients who are willing to change if change will be productive. Yes, we can do that if you can pay for it. Yes, we can crack that exceptionally tough market if you’re willing to fund our research and efforts. Yes, we have principles that will not bend. Yes, I can probably arrange lunch with you sometime in 2013. Yes, we will hold you to the highest standard, just as you should hold us to that standard. Yes, we are super-focused and we’ll expect you to maintain your focus too. Click here...

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Welcome to the PSU Digital Marketing Conference!

Welcome to the PSU Digital Marketing Conference! We are hosting the fabulous Kickoff Cocktail party on Sunday, December 11th and will be featuring our Mambo-licious Cocktail.  The Kickoff party is free to attendees so be sure to join us! And since your interests are clearly right up our digital alley, we thought you might be interested in some of our recent blog posts: 2012 Marketing Planning – 4 Business Realities to Consider when Planning QR Code Roundup Keeping Up With Facebook Changes Will Adobe Flash Survive Mobile? Ponies to Bronies: Letting Go of the Reins Google +:...

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Nov 16 2011

Join Us at the Digital Marketing Conference!

We at Mambo are so excited to be a part of this year’s Digital Marketing Conference at Portland State University on December 12th.  In fact, we are hosting the fabulous Kickoff Cocktail party the night before and will be featuring our Mambo-licious Cocktail.  The Kickoff party is free to attendees so be sure to join us! Our own Siouxsie Jennett will be speaking this year on Planning Your 2012 Marketing – Turning Business Realities into Successes.  In addition, the conference will host fabulous speakers from across the nation discussing Digital Marketing,...

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Nov 15 2011

2012 Marketing Planning – 4 Business Realities to Consider when Planning

I call 2012 the Year of Business Realities.  We have weathered the bad economy for some years now, faced our own business mortality and somehow survived.  An honest evaluation of the near future must include the resignation that things aren’t going to get significantly better anytime soon.  So as we plan for 2012 it’s important to accept, and possibly embrace, the business realities that exist and make a plan that strategically leverages what at face value seems like inadequacies.  Are they really inadequacies, or just the new realities?  Why not...

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Jun 28 2011

Social Commerce Tools and Trends

A morning at Portland State University with Meridian, ShopIgnighter, MonsoonWorks, Groupon and Mambo Media Despite the early morning hour, there were many lively presentations on Social Commerce to be heard last week at the Portland State University Digital Marketing Breakfast.  Boasting a docket full of Portland-based companies, the talk of Social Commerce was both enlightening and, to be frank, heartening that there is growth in creative technologies coming out of P-town. The Social Commerce Speaker Line Up MONSOONWORKS Jeff Krueger of MonsoonWorks kicked off the event emphasizing the power of referral networks and social...

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Apr 25 2011

Mambo Media Wins “Best Agency” at SoMe Awards

We’d like to thank the SoMe Awards for a night we’ll never forget! Music, drinks, food, comedy and hosting by Daniel Baldwin…and if that wasn’t enough, Mambo won two SoMe Awards! We won the Best Agency award for our blog strategy and execution on the nonprofit Chalkboard Project’s education reform blog. The Best Agency award was given for having “demonstrated a thorough understanding of social media and utilizing social media marketing to boost client ROI and brand awareness.” And to our shock and thrill, we also won the Best in Show award,...

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Apr 11 2011

Social Media Fundraising through Facebook: How One Individual Makes a BIG Difference

How can one little individual make a BIG difference?   Siouxsie Jennett, the President of Mambo Media, is on the board of the Clackamas Women’s Services (CWS), an organization that provides critical services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence.  She brought that question to her Mambo team, challenging them to create a social media fundraising campaign that could be used as a pilot, with the ultimate goal of creating a campaign template for board members and other organization advocates to replicate in the future. Campaign Strategy Because the ultimate goal was to...

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Dec 17 2010

8 Top Client Achievements in 2010

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

What a year it’s been!  While the economy was not at its strongest, our clients still managed to be tremendously successful.  Below are a few highlights of their incredible accomplishments in 2010. And here’s wishing you all a very happy and thriving 2011!

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Nov 22 2010

Live Tweets from Future of Marketing

I virtually attended another Future of Marketing Virtual Conference put on by Sam Rosen of ThoughtLead.  Below is my attempt to capture the most provocative, instructional and useful takeaways.  This is only meant to whet the appetite.  To listen to the recording, which I highly recommend, go to  A complete Twitter list of the speakers can be found here:!/LyndonHaselhuhn/the-future-of-marketing-virtual-conference.

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Aug 02 2010

Crowdsourcing and the Silly Rabbit

In my role at Mambo I have the distinct pleasure of meeting marketing executives from a wide variety of organizations – from non-profit to B2B to consumer brands.  And almost without fail, each one will stop me in mid-sentence as I’m waxing on about the benefits of social media, online marketing and the like, and say “what does that word mean”?  That’s when I check my jargoned-tongue at the door and remember that I am supposed to be a communicator, an educator; but if my words are laced with industry slang that is indecipherable unless you’re an avid reader of the IAB SmartBrief or Jeremiah Owyang, I might as well be speaking in tongues.  And really, that’s just not very helpful is it?

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