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Apr 23 2013

It’s tough enough keeping up with the massive proliferation of social media channels over the last few years. But what will marketing look like five years from now? Which trends will be important enough to impact marketing and our lives? Maybe more importantly, in terms of time and resource investment, what channels and trends can we ignore?

I asked three very sharp colleagues to join me at the eMarketing Summit to ponder these questions and have a lively discussion on where technology meets anthropology, and what it all means to marketers and their customers.

This panel of seasoned marketing professionals will discuss the inevitable convergence of traditional media, including television, events and digital signage, with the new kid on the block – social media. What does coordinated social engagement look like in the future landscape? How will this futurescape impact your marketing decisions today? And what should you invest in to stay ahead of the game and set yourself apart from your competition?

Meet the Fabulous Panelists

Frank Mungeam is the Director of Digital Media with KGW Media Group. He and his General Manger DJ Wilson have spearheaded an ambitious evolution for a broadcast company – how to stay relevant, cutting edge and profitable in a world of user-generated content and free content. His perspective on the power of the audience in driving content is sure to make you think.

Jennifer Davis is the Vice President of Marketing with Planar Systems, producers of some of the best digital signage equipment in the world. Jennifer and team are leading the charge in place-based advertising and personalization in digital signage. She’s fascinated with gamification and the convergence of social and signage that will create very interesting group dynamics in the future.

Katja Asaro is the Managing Director of Henry V Events. She has traveled the world producing live, interactive events for some of the biggest brands. Katja will discuss how social is already greatly changing the event landscape, and help us envision what events will look like in the future.

Join me and my panelists for a highly interactive and thought-provoking glimpse into the future.

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