Tips for editing and delivering web videos

May 19 2010

The Mambo creative team recently finished filming and post production on a series of three short videos commissioned by one of our clients.  As I described in an earlier post, we shot our actors against a green screen that allowed us to sketch in backgrounds during post.   This approach gave us great flexibility during editing, cost far less that building sets and backgrounds, and resulted in a really fun, consistent look for the three shorts.  Our client was really pleased with the result.

In addition to sketching and scanning backgrounds for each scene, during post production we generated motion graphics for the on-screen text and incorporated voiceover tracks.

While we had collected a lot of really great footage to work with, we reworked each scene extensively to reduce the total run time for each segment.  While video can be a great way to deliver your message on the Web, too long a video is a great way to lose your audience before the message is delivered.  Our goal was to deliver each segment under 3 minutes total run time while still keeping the “punch line” of each story.

In addition to producing the videos on the client’s microsite, we also designed the site front end and built a back end that includes a traffic-tracking dashboard so the client can measure the success of their campaign.  Taka a look at the Genesys eServices customer satisfaction videos.

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Paul Hamerton-Kelly
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