2015 Security Update for Slider Revolution Plugin

Mar 24 2015

Mambo Media has built many websites for our clients over the years, and a large number of them have been built on the WordPress CMS. For appealing presentation of portfolio images, logos or other visuals, we have often deployed a plugin called Slider Revolution Premium. This is a popular, robust plugin by ThemePunch sold on the Envato marketplace. It is also frequently included as part of many WordPress themes.

“Recently it was disclosed that older versions of this plugin have a significant security vulnerability that allows hackers to gain access to any website using the plugin. To avoid possible hacking or blacklisting of your site, update the Slider Revolution Premium plugin to version 4.6.5 or newer. Just because you are using a recently updated or purchased theme does not mean you can assume the included version of RevSlider is also current. Check and update the RevSlider plugin itself to ensure full security, not just the theme.”

It is important to always stay current on any application or platform updates to prevent security breaches from occurring. Thank you to BlueHost for alerting us of the plugin security issue, which enabled us to address the update before any harm was done. For more information, contact Mambo Media. For further reading on these recent updates, check out the articles below:

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Paul Hamerton-Kelly
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