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Sep 16 2014

Keeping Up with the Joneses is not Enough! Don’t Just Meet but Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations on Social Media

Cool campaigns or great design elements are not enough. Social media needs to be integrated into all marketing initiatives; from real-time personalization to marketing automation. Today’s consumers have grown to expect that brands are present, active and engaged across social media channels. Your customers’ questions are no longer “are they on Twitter?” but rather, “what kind of loyalty programs do they have available to me on social?” or “how fast is their social media customer support?” Because consumer expectations are so high, brands must rise to the occasion and learn...

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Feb 14 2014

Don’t Let the Hecklers Get You Down, Shaun White.

The Olympic events are viewed by more than 3.2 billion people worldwide. It is a spectacle watched by patriotic supporters who are quick to celebrate a win but faster to criticize a loss. United by national pride, fans tune in to cheer on their athletes, a tradition that has taken place for more than 100 years. Athletes, branded by their national flags, are transformed into iconic heroes if successful or outcast as international disappointments if a mistake is made or loss occurs. This year’s Sochi Olympics were no different. Shaun White, a two-time...

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Jan 09 2014

How the Justine Sacco Debacle Went from Unfortunate to Brilliant in Under 11 Hours

While there were several well-known social media blowups over the holidays, the Justine Sacco saga was by far the most infamous. It had all the elements of your typical social media comment gone wrong. For those of you unfamiliar, a communication executive made a really insensitive remark on Twitter which many people found hugely offensive. She was fired, made the usual apologies and deleted all social media presence. ...

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Sep 01 2013

How to Serve Customers in Social Media

How to Serve Customers in Social Media From negative tweets to guests asking questions online, the idea of social customer service is alive and kicking. If you’re not listening to and responding to your customers on a daily basis, you’re missing the boat. Your customers are talking to you and about you – and they want to be heard.  If you’re not there to listen, respond and engage, you’re missing a giant opportunity to nurture, support and delight them. According to a Zendesk poll, 62% of consumers have used social media for...

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Aug 13 2013

Chipotle Hacks Their Own Twitter Account – was it worth it?

After Chipotle fake-hacked it’s own Twitter account, the social media world is up in arms.  Was it beneficial?  Was it a breach of trust for their customers?  Either way, their immediate (perhaps temporary?) success cannot be denied. With a series of tweets such as, “Hi sweetie, can you please pick up some lime, salt, and onions? Twitter” and “twitter Find avocado store in Arv,” both Chipotle’s followership and engagement increased.  Chipotle saw a 453% increase over their daily average engagement (with almost 1500 retweets) and gained nearly 5,000 followers from the...

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Jul 12 2013

Instagram Video Web Round Up: What You Need to Know for Your Brands

A couple weeks ago Instagram announced that video was going to be introduced to their platform.  With more than 130 million users, it comes as no surprise that over five million videos were uploaded in the first 24 hours alone. Currently, 67% of the top brands in the world are on Instagram (i.e. Nike, MTV, Starbucks, Gucci, Burberry), and with Facebook’s 1 billion users in full force (Facebook owns Instagram), the opportunity for brands to share intriguing, authentic content is easier than ever. Using Instagram video, brands can easily: Provide a video teaser...

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May 30 2013

A Digital Community is Still a Community

Yes, it’s true. A group of people online, is still a group of people. And truthfully, it still follows the same general social rules to get things pumped up. That’s right, we’re talking about our crowd-raising, people-pleasing, effectively-communicating community managers. I think it’s safe to say the highly-developed people skills and relationship building techniques you employ in face-to-face interactions can play an instrumental role in the effectiveness of your online community management. Just in case you’ve slipped off the bandwagon, here are a few tips to help you get you...

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Jul 31 2012

Facebook’s Fast Track to Mobile Ads

Gone are the days of Facebook’s freewheeling approach to launching and implementing new features without a concrete strategy for monetization. The post-IPO landscape is dotted with investors demanding ROI, leaving Facebook in a perpetual struggle to find new avenues for revenue sources. Despite the controversy of Facebook ads efficacy, a recent ComScore study helped to alleviate skeptics and anxious investors' concerns. See our weekly roll-up for a collection of articles on the topic. Mobilize or Perish Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook missed the mobile bus, and is now scrambling to catch up. More...

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Jun 02 2012

Considerations for Sustainability Messaging and Social Media

Social and environmental responsibility remains an important part of communication strategy for today’s organizations, and now thanks to social media, there are more tools than ever to engage your audiences and share your message.  While there are some specific risks involved, sustainability marketing and social media are a perfect match for each other in many ways: People tend to be passionate about sustainable business and want to interact w/ sustainable brands – no better way than Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and more. Any organization that communicates about its social and environmental efforts...

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Apr 23 2012

Content Strategy + Optimizing Channels

In March I attended the engrossing Q + A with Kristina Halvorson on Content Strategy.  A recurring topic of conversation was the tension between repurposing content across multiple channels versus creating channel-specific user experiences with rich content. Content strategy is an odd beast since a cross-section of Information Architecture (IA), Copywriting, User Experience (UX), and Interactive Design are involved.  Marketing strategies in this framework take a back seat. So as a marketer, it was of interest to learn the challenges of this hybrid role and see that marketing tenets can serve...

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