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Jan 12 2012

2012 Marketing Planning – 4 Business Realities to Consider when Planning

In this four-part series I will share real business challenges we encounter in the organizations we work with and suggest how you might look at your business, staff and marketing endeavors differently with the goal of creating a more realistic and effective 2012. REALITY 2 – Invest in Human Resources It sounds so trite, so simple, but sadly education for our staff is often overlooked or the first thing cut in the jockeying for budget dollars. But let me ask you this: How many of your people are now expected to manage...

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Dec 06 2011

The Connected Company – from Culture to Marketing Success

We'd like to thank Tom Bennett for his guest blog post! Tom will be a keynote speaker at the Portland State University Digital Marketing Conference on December 11th and 12th. The Connected Company – from Culture to Marketing Success Customers are connected and they are communicating. A connected consumer has a greater number of choices (what and where to buy, from whom) and has a greater voice in the marketing conversation (what's great, what's not, what sucks, who's evil) than ever before. This trend is continuing and customer power will only increase...

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Nov 23 2011

Yes: In Response to Seth Godin’s “No.”

Yes, we take exceptional and well-endowed clients who are willing to change if change will be productive. Yes, we can do that if you can pay for it. Yes, we can crack that exceptionally tough market if you’re willing to fund our research and efforts. Yes, we have principles that will not bend. Yes, I can probably arrange lunch with you sometime in 2013. Yes, we will hold you to the highest standard, just as you should hold us to that standard. Yes, we are super-focused and we’ll expect you to maintain your focus too. Click here...

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Nov 15 2011

2012 Marketing Planning – 4 Business Realities to Consider when Planning

I call 2012 the Year of Business Realities.  We have weathered the bad economy for some years now, faced our own business mortality and somehow survived.  An honest evaluation of the near future must include the resignation that things aren’t going to get significantly better anytime soon.  So as we plan for 2012 it’s important to accept, and possibly embrace, the business realities that exist and make a plan that strategically leverages what at face value seems like inadequacies.  Are they really inadequacies, or just the new realities?  Why not...

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Aug 22 2011

Will Adobe Flash Survive the Era of the Mobile Internet?

Adobe vs. CSS Savvy web designers continually produce beautiful, elegant designs that play to the strengths of their medium. For designers that want pixel-perfect control over their designs, the only go-to for most of that time has been Adobe’s Flash platform. Lately, Adobe has taken a lot of flack over their proprietary design tool. To its credit, Flash has had clear benefits over CSS for many designers, but since the advent of CSS3 and HTML5, standards-compliant designing for the web has come into its own. Can Flash still boast those benefits,...

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Feb 04 2011

Why Jumo? Social Networking for Nonprofits

Jumo is worth testing if you are a non-profit. For starters, it’s not just another social network that will further stretch your resources. Beyond the initial setup, Jumo requires almost no maintenance. Your activity on other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook feed your supporter’s Jumo homepage and email updates. Jumo’s true appeal to supporters is yet to be revealed (the site only launched last month) but contrary to criticism, Jumo doesn’t just reoffer functionality other non-profit focused sites already have. The Facebook app Causes, is who I’ve most often...

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Jan 18 2011

How to Get Started on Quora

A friend of mine who owns a small business recently asked, “I was so proud when I figured out how to interact with people on Twitter and Facebook. Now am I supposed to be doing something on Quora?” We discussed her goals and how she felt about spending some time at “the place people go when they want to find answers.” Of course, that brings up the fear of how easily time can disappear when you fly into the vortex of social networking sites. This tweeter eloquently described my concerns from...

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Jan 14 2011

New Year’s Resolutions: Make them Fun!

The newest addition to our team, Mary Rarick comes to Mambo with a B.A. in English, a teaching certificate and a background in publishing, project management and education. Most recently, Mary was the Managing Editor for Portland Family Magazine and Goodness. A self-acknowledged social media addict, she is thrilled to be helping companies foster and engage their online communities. In her free time Mary can be found curled up on the couch reading, volunteering as a member of Century High School’s Site Council or desperately capturing territories in a spirited game of Risk with her family. Join us in welcoming Mary!

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