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Sep 04 2012

Building Trust in Your Mobile Relationship

Would you invite a stranger into your house, to join you for dinner, ride in your car, attend your work meetings?  Probably – hopefully – not.  Certainly  you wouldn’t invite them to sleep next to you, ever-present on your nightstand.  But, with smart phones and mobile devices going everywhere you go, this is the level of intimacy you build with customers through mobile marketing.  This is a relationship marketers need to respectfully cultivate in order to be successful.   Marketing tools and channels are evolving toward accessing and using more data, not...

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Aug 10 2012

What is VividWall? A Visual Aggregator

VividWall is a visual content social media aggregator. Billions of pieces of content are shared every day, and visual content is one of the fast growing segments within content marketing. Brands need easy-to-implement solutions to scan, monitor, moderate, curate and display visual content from the web in a manner that encourages engagement and sharing. VividWall makes this process seamless, intuitive and exciting. Platform-Agnostic Sharing Images are more shareable than text and often more effective at showing your story, as consumers are drowning in wordy content. User-generated content is one of the most...

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Jul 20 2012

Social Business as a Growth Strategy

It’s now common knowledge that to survive in business today means being social. A lot of the buzz on this topic feels like an urgent imperative for brand decision-makers (like it or not) when really, socializing business should be embraced as an exciting and viable strategy not just to survive, but to lean up for growth out of this economy. Start with a fresh perspective to bring agility and authenticity to your business goals, which means starting at the top. Social business is not a passive change. Executive sponsorship with a...

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Jul 09 2012

Step One: Strategic Goals Alignment

The first step in beginning any marketing program at Mambo is our Strategic Goals Alignment exercise.  We do this as a kickoff exercise with our clients so that we can ensure we capture the top-down executive strategy and bake that in to any digital and social strategy we then develop.  An additional benefit of initially aligning strategic goals with leadership and your team is to make sure you're all on the same page from the start.  This simple but crucial step has become a cornerstone of our success with clients...

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Mar 11 2012

11 Steps to LinkedIn for Recruitment: Which Should You Use?

If you’re interested in using LinkedIn to recruit employees, there are many ways to approach this process. We’ve found that our Before, During, After methodology helps organize and clarify the steps, from optimizing your Company LinkedIn Page to building relationships with potential candidates. Below are our recommendations for 11 steps that you can choose from to create a successful LinkedIn recruitment campaign. BEFORE Before you begin to recruit, follow these steps to build your Company Page LinkedIn followership and make it easier for candidates to find and apply for your open positions. 1. ...

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Jan 30 2012

2012 Marketing Planning – 4 Business Realities to Consider, Parts 3 and 4

Catch up on Part 1 and Part 2 of Siouxsie’s 4-part series on 2012: The Year of Business Realities.

REALITY 3 – Smart Integration of New Tools

We so often see organizations paralyzed by the implementation of a new technology where so much time and energy was put into researching just the right solution and then somehow the actual implementation and training was treated as an afterthought.  With the best of intentions, decisions were made, large budgets were spent, and now it’s up to the “doers” to implement and ensure the new solution is optimized to the highest level. 

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Jan 12 2012

2012 Marketing Planning – 4 Business Realities to Consider when Planning

In this four-part series I will share real business challenges we encounter in the organizations we work with and suggest how you might look at your business, staff and marketing endeavors differently with the goal of creating a more realistic and effective 2012. REALITY 2 – Invest in Human Resources It sounds so trite, so simple, but sadly education for our staff is often overlooked or the first thing cut in the jockeying for budget dollars. But let me ask you this: How many of your people are now expected to manage...

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Dec 06 2011

The Connected Company – from Culture to Marketing Success

We'd like to thank Tom Bennett for his guest blog post! Tom will be a keynote speaker at the Portland State University Digital Marketing Conference on December 11th and 12th. The Connected Company – from Culture to Marketing Success Customers are connected and they are communicating. A connected consumer has a greater number of choices (what and where to buy, from whom) and has a greater voice in the marketing conversation (what's great, what's not, what sucks, who's evil) than ever before. This trend is continuing and customer power will only increase...

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Nov 23 2011

Yes: In Response to Seth Godin’s “No.”

Yes, we take exceptional and well-endowed clients who are willing to change if change will be productive. Yes, we can do that if you can pay for it. Yes, we can crack that exceptionally tough market if you’re willing to fund our research and efforts. Yes, we have principles that will not bend. Yes, I can probably arrange lunch with you sometime in 2013. Yes, we will hold you to the highest standard, just as you should hold us to that standard. Yes, we are super-focused and we’ll expect you to maintain your focus too. Click here...

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Nov 15 2011

2012 Marketing Planning – 4 Business Realities to Consider when Planning

I call 2012 the Year of Business Realities.  We have weathered the bad economy for some years now, faced our own business mortality and somehow survived.  An honest evaluation of the near future must include the resignation that things aren’t going to get significantly better anytime soon.  So as we plan for 2012 it’s important to accept, and possibly embrace, the business realities that exist and make a plan that strategically leverages what at face value seems like inadequacies.  Are they really inadequacies, or just the new realities?  Why not...

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