Marketing Automation & Lead Generation

Jan 29 2016

Marketing Automation Operations Roles and Responsibilities

So you’re thinking about dipping your toe into marketing automation (MA), but you want to make sure you have the right foundational team in place?   Kudos to you for thinking about your team’s structure before installing a technology solution. All too often marketers have a false belief that marketing automation will be a cure-all for their company’s business needs. However, a tool without a strategy behind it is simply a tool! At Mambo, we recommend implementing a marketing automation readiness program to prepare your team and ensure that you’ll come out...

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Jan 12 2016

Contextual Marketing – How to Personalize your Customer Experience

Content has long been the lifeblood of inbound marketing, but the volume has increased to such gargantuan proportions that consumers quickly fatigue even if the content is phenomenal. Time and attention are increasingly limited and experienced consumers are highly trained to tune out irrelevant content. Savvy brands have adapted to the changing landscape by using big data to add relevancy to the customer experience....

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The importance of marketing and sales alignment
Dec 10 2015

Vlog: The Importance of Sales and Marketing Alignment

Janet Johnson, Mambo Media’s Chief Marketing Officer, discusses how aligning marketing and sales can drive leads, increase sales and grow revenue for your business. Watch the video, or read below for key insights and takeaways.     :   Why is it important to bring sales and marketing departments together?   Gartner has predicted that within five years people will make it 85% of the way through their decision making process on any product before they actually talk to a human. We see that marketing is responsible for way more of that nurturing, providing the kind of...

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Dec 08 2015

The Contract is Signed. Now What?

We’ve talked through how to select the right marketing agency for your business. You’ve made it to the finish line. You’ve selected your marketing agency. Negotiations are behind you, and the promise of a great future for your brand is ahead....

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Nov 05 2015

How to Select the Right Marketing Agency for Your Business

  This post originally appeared on the Act-On Marketing Action Blog   Finally. The economy is improving. Businesses are beginning to invest in marketing again. And, while many of us were hunkering down and doing the best we could during the recession, the whole marketing world has turned upside down in the past seven years. Consider the following:   Marketing has become a technology-based practice. In fact, there are now almost 1,900 products to help marketers do their work. (Caution: that link goes to a scary infographic.) There are now more than a dozen...

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Oct 28 2015

Case Study: How to Drive Conversions with a Holiday Discount Campaign

Increasing Student Registrations through Email Marketing   Thinking about hosting a holiday campaign to drive conversions and build awareness about your brand or business? Last year, Mambo ran an incredibly successful holiday campaign for one of our higher education clients, Portland State University’s Center for Executive and Professional Education (CEPE). By marketing this program across all of CEPE’s channels and customer touch points, we were able to leverage cross-channel pollination while tracking which channels were the highest converting. Read on to find out which channel we found was the most effective for...

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Oct 28 2015

It’s Time to Start Your Year-End Fundraising Strategy

Year-end fundraising can be the most important time of the year for many nonprofits and planning ahead is critical. December is undeniably the most important fundraising month and all nonprofits should be prepared to make the most of it with a solid marketing communication strategy.   As the 2015 Network for Good Digital Giving Index notes, nearly 30% of annual giving occurs in December with 11% happening in the last three days of the year.       The confluence of the holiday giving spirit and the rush to take advantage of philanthropy’s tax benefits means you could...

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Oct 13 2015

How Leading Marketers are Doing Inbound Right: 6 Stats from State of Inbound 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, we’ve seen that more companies, marketers and salespeople are embracing the inbound philosophy than ever before—but not all are achieving success.

We’ve collected 6 statistics from the most successful inbound marketers and explore what they are doing right from the upcoming State of Inbound 2015 report. Want a copy of the full report? Enter your email below and we’ll send you a copy as soon as it’s published.

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