Specialty Workshops

Specialty Workshops

Does your team need training on a specific topic? Our Specialty Workshops provide practical, hands-on training that delves deep into some of the most common pain points faced by marketing teams today. Some of our recent workshops have covered persona development, HubSpot implementation, strategic paid campaigns, and social media marketing. The options are practically endless, so let us help you put a methodology to the madness.

Some of our recent workshops have included:

  • 10 Marketing Trends and How They’ll Impact Your Business
  • Successful Sales and Marketing Alignment Strategies and Tactics
  • Marketing to Millennials – How They’re Different and Why They Matter so Much
  • Email Marketing Strategy and Best Practices in 2017 and Beyond
  • Building Killer Websites – Mobile Responsive, Customer-Centric and Lead-Generating Machines
  • How to Write for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Managing Your Reputation Through Yelp and Other Review Sites
  • Introduction to Marketing Automation: Inbound Marketing and Sales Enablement Best Practices
  • Crafting, Disseminating and Executing an Effective Crisis Communications Plan in Today’s World
  • Data, Analytics and Performance Metrics – Best Practices and Tools to Leverage for Your Reporting

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