Why Mambo Marketing Institute?

There is an urgent need in the digital marketing industry for continual professional education and training, but not many options to learn from an agency team who works with clients every day. MMI’s dynamic custom training will provide hands-on and deeply targeted instruction to solve your most urgent pain points. Our goals are to:

  • Provide high-quality strategic and tactical training
  • Cover the full range of digital marketing disciplines for all expertise levels
  • Give you the tools and insight you need to see results in any industry
  • Fast-track your team’s skills and knowledge with Mambo Marketing

Let us help your team become the experts!

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Innovative Custom Training Solutions

We'll bring the expertise - your place or ours

Team Training

Our dynamic and knowledgeable instructors are seasoned digital marketers with years of experience across all industries. They also happen to love to teach!

Executive Digital Marketing Training


These comprehensive two-day workshops are designed to fully immerse C-suite professionals in the fundamental elements of a digital marketing strategy.

Maturity Scorecard

Learn where your organization sits on our proprietary Marketing Maturity Scorecard™, and what you need to do to improve both performance and results.

Specialty Training


We will customize a workshop best suited for your team on a range of topics. Everything from Hubspot and social media, to paid media and persona development.

Learn it Today, Use it Tomorrow

Agency Expertise for Your Team

Whether we are delivering workshops and executive seminars around the country or providing exceptional marketing services for our clients, our goal is to make advanced digital marketing concepts easy to understand. We have extensive experience building highly effective strategies for a wide range of organizations.


We provide high caliber tactical and strategic training covering the full range of digital marketing disciplines for all levels of expertise. We will help fast-track your team’s skills and knowledge.


Do you have a group of employees that you’d like to train? We are happy to adapt our tried and true digital marketing trainings to fit your needs. We will work with you to create a training experience that combines topics in a way that caters to your technological and marketing experience. And we’ll come to you – your team, your place!

Custom Training Solutions

Innovative customized training solutions

Let us design custom digital marketing training for your organization or team. Our dynamic instructors have years of digital experience, and they’re currently working with Mambo Media clients in a wide variety of industries.  They understand your pain points and will focus your custom training on your industry, goals and priorities.

Did you know that we’re facing this skills gap in today’s business environment?

Let us help your team become the experts!

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