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Red, yellow, green—GO! It’s more important than ever to rev your search engine optimization to drive traffic and meet your goals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more than just keywords. SEO is the collective set of tactics that help achieve bigger marketing goals for your website and organization. It’s technical SEO, content relevancy, content development, local SEO, and so much more. And all that collective effort can work in tandem with your overall digital marketing strategy.


Are you looking to gain more visibility and increase traffic to your website? Are you looking to improve your website’s user experience and provide more value to your visitors? To achieve marketing goals like these, modern SEO must go beyond keyword research to include the entire customer journey – a user’s search intent and underlying goals – and how the search engine landscape fits within that journey.


The search market is becoming tighter each day, with direct competitors and a seemingly endless number of features. But don’t fret, Mambo is here to help guide you through all those SEO tactics in order to achieve your goals. It takes content that’s better than any of your competitors, a fast and technically sound website that works on all devices, and promotional strategies that’ll help drive traffic. For companies that need to drive foot traffic it takes accurate business data and positive reviews earned from a great product, but still backed by a strong website.

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    93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine.

    Competitive Audit

    Competitive analysis and auditing are the first, and often most important aspects when we start planning to optimize any piece of content or website. Far too often, organizations skip this step and get right into keyword mapping, content updating, or link building. By understanding who your competitors areand how your users are searching, the audit process can lead to a far more comprehensive understanding of what your SEO goals should be. By the end of this analysis, you will understand who is winning organic visibility in your industry, and what tactics will take your website to the competitive advantage. 

    What you get
    • Competitive audit comparing relative keyword visibility and domain strength 
    • Overview of search landscape, insightful analysis and key takeaways 
    • Content and website optimization recommendations 

    Keyword Research & On-Page Optimization

    Keyword research involves discovering and understanding what people search for and why on Google, Bingor another search engine. But it’s not as easy anymore as just inserting those keywords directly onto your pages. The ultimate goal? Optimizing content around those terms to provide contextually relevant material for your target audience that keeps them engaging with your site.  

    • Targeted keyword list 
    • On-page optimization recommendations 
    • In-depth optimized copyediting 

    Technical Optimization

    Bloated images, old databases, bad plugins, lack of mobile responsiveness, and CSS and HTML file load times all effect SEO just as much as keywords! Let’s dive under the hood and look at your Content Management System (CMS) setup. We’ll provide technical support and strategic recommendations to ensure your SEO strategy goes beyond content optimization. 

    What you get
    • Technical web and tool analysis 
    • Meta data writing and recommendations 
    • Image and page load time audit
    • Website speed and mobile responsiveness audit 
    • Plugin discovery and recommendations 

    Inbound Link Strategy

    Although content that’s amazing can sometimes rank well on its merits alone, links from other websites pointing to your content still play a vital role in SEO success. With the Competitive Audit as a starting point, we dive deeper into your inbound link profile and that of your competitors to develop a plan for how best to potentially strengthen your backlink earning. 

    What you get
    • Deep inbound link analysis into competitors and your website 
    • Strategies for earning new inbound links unique to your website and organization 
    • Training for your staff on how to best approach long-term link growth 

    Local SEO

    Whether you have many physical locations or serve people where they are, companies that need to connect with local customers must pursue additional strategies. It’s critical to have accurate business data so customers can find you, positive reviews so customers are enticed by you, and a strong brand presence so customers can trust you.  

    What you get
    • Auditing – business information, primary listings, review strength  
    • Optimization – clean up of inaccurate information & claiming new, applicable listings 
    • Training – on review management and growth, local engagement, etc.  

    Ongoing SEO Strategy & Optimization

    There is often a saying that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. In truth, SEO is actually more like a never-ending marathon. The heaviest of strategies need time to see their successs. Search engines are constantly rolling out algorithm updates and new search features, and competitors aren’t resting either. So what works now isn’t guaranteed to work in the future. Audits and optimization can exist as singular efforts to address immediate fixes, but to get the most out of organic search it takes ongoing effort. Let’s partner through it.

    What you get
    • Analytics and performance data 
    • Strategic mapping with other channels such as ongoing paid media, content marketing
    • Ongoing search landscape awareness and strategic shifts when necessary  

    “Mambo’s blogging program has been instrumental in helping us reach new audiences through search. Mambo approaches each blog post strategically by conducting SEO research, writing to address customer pain points, and optimizing on-page content for search. We’ve seen a steady increase in our organic website traffic since partnering with Mambo.”

    Erin Lester

    Director of Staffing Technology & Operations


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