Paid Media Management

Spend wisely, not blindly. Targeted, strategic, and well-tracked campaigns that yield worthy ROI and catch your user’s eye.

Are you looking to drive more results from people searching on Google? Do you want to break through the limitations of organic efforts on social media to reach new audiences? We formulate strategies, build and test campaigns, and track performance to ensure you reach your business goals and have a positive ROI.


Whatever your needs, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing allows you to connect with specific users in targeted moments of their buyer’s journey. At Mambo, we understand the complex yet effective use of keywords, demographics, location, and creative elements in advertising to help you increase exposure and drive qualified leads through your sales funnel.


We use “PPC” as the common reference, but it goes beyond just thinking of clicks. While paid search via Google or Bing Ads works by targeting ads based on what users search for, they continue to grow in complexity and efficacy with ad features and targeting capabilities including demographic values. And then there’s social. Whether on Facebook, LinkedIn, or another social channel, paid social media marketing allows us to be hyper targeted to audiences based on who your customer is, their occupation and job title, their interests, and so much more.

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    79% of brands say that PPC is a huge driver for their business. 

    Paid Media Auditing

    You may have tested paid ads in the past or currently run them but find difficulty in making them successful. That’s okay, Mambo is here to help turn your campaigns around. With our auditing services, we’ll review your entire setup, whether search campaigns or social, including keywords, targeting, ad copy, landing pages, and tracking programs to analyze performance and find weaknesses.

    What you get
    • Competitive research and strategic recommendations
    • Identify wasted spend
    • Refresh ads to latest formats
    • Improve your data collection & understand ROI

    Paid Strategy Development

    Whether you have ads to audit or are starting from scratch as first-time advertisers, Mambo can help build a modern paid media strategy. We’ll conduct the keyword research, sculpt the relevant target audience profiles, build and design the ads, and ensure landing page best practices are met. Strategies will be crafted around your business goals and your budget for the most effective path forward.

    • Complete campaign framework
    • A/B testing strategy for iteration and optimization
    • Initial research all the way to ad creative
    • Account set-up, tracking, and implementation recommendations

    Ongoing PPC Management

    While PPC marketing can generate traffic and returns faster than other channels, it’s certainly not a “set it and forget it” kind of medium. We’ll ensure your costs stay low, your ads stay modern, and new tactics are explored so that you remain competitive in the ever-evolving market.

    What you get
    • Campaign launch and management
    • Tracking and reporting
    • Continued A/B testing & learning
    • Alignment with your overall marketing
    • New channel & tactic recommendations

    Reporting & Analysis

    Separate from the day-to-day management it’s important to look at paid media holistically and know if your campaigns are performing well against your business goals and other marketing efforts. It’s one of the best ways to learn about your audiences, test content, messaging, and service offerings. Our reporting brings deep insights and strategic recommendations. So we won’t just be reporting on the numbers, we’ll be validating your channels, your investment, and looking for our next best plan forward.

    What you get
    • Easy to understand reports at the right cadence
    • Highlights on specific tactics and steps taken
    • Insights on competitors and channel updates
    • Strategic insights and next step recommendations

    “Paid media is a part of every effective marketing program we put together. It is a way for us to surgically target audiences so we don’t have to spend money on a broad swathe. We can go after the target audience we want to and say precisely what we need to say to them to get them interested.”

    Siouxsie Jennett,

    Founder & CEO

    Mambo Media

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