Influencer Marketing

Today’s consumers don’t trust brands, they trust their peers. Influencers can boost your audience reach exponentially – it’s like word-of-mouth on steroids.

Influencers are all the rage these days – but Influencer Marketing may not be what you think it is, and now expands far beyond the commonly held notion of a celebrity featuring your product on their Instagram. Crafted the right way, an influencer program can help expose your brand to a broader market and gain the trust of your customers in a way traditional marketing can’t. It’s word-of-mouth marketing only on a much larger scale.


Today’s consumers are much more likely to put their trust into an expert third-party than in corporate advertising. Matched with the right strategy and influencers, your brand can be introduced to an audience that is well-aligned with yours by someone who already has built credibility and is viewed as an expert in your industry.


Navigating the different flavors of influencers – from micro-influencers to blog-influencers to brand ambassadors and strategic partnerships – can be difficult. Mambo can help you determine the best fit for your particular needs and goals, establish the right strategy, and put your plan in motion.

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    89% of businesses say their ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels.

    Influencer Program Strategy

    Our team of strategists will immerse themselves in what makes your brand tick and work with you to determine the right kind of influencer program to fit your needs. We’ll draw from any results and findings from previous influencer programs, as well as our own research and experience with successful campaigns.

    What you get
    • Strategic goal and brand aspiration workshop
    • Strategic communications
    • Identification of goals and KPIs
    • Program recommendations

    Influencer Identification

    Once the program strategy has been defined, we’ll get to work on identifying and researching influencers in your area of business. We’ll match you with influencers who complement your brand, align with your values and have the power to amplify your message.

    • Identification of influencer ideal attributes
    • Identification and vetting of influencers
    • Influencer contracts & management

    Outreach & Engagement

    One of the most important aspects of the program is relationship building – this is where we develop the strategy and tools to establish, manage and monitor our influencer relationships. We’ll build a successful model for influencer engagement that can be replicated across channels.

    What you get
    • Framework and tools for an engagement program
    • Invitation and influencer onboarding
    • Identification of platforms and channels for outreach

    Ambassador Program

    Leverage your top customers, involve them directly with your brand, and provide them with a platform that allows them to evangelize on your behalf; there’s no better way to win the trust of new customers and gain insight on how to improve your product or service. We can work with you to develop a program that will reward your best customers, and grow your business.

    What you get
    • Program outline & strategy
    • Ambassador identification
    • Development of program assets
    • Program launch and ongoing engagement

    “People don’t trust brands, they trust their peers. They want something relatable. We work with our clients to humanize their brand. Our team deeply researches the most effective and authentic voices in the marketplace so that once we do engage with them, they are the most effective in getting your message out.”

    Siouxsie Jennett,


    Mambo Media

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