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What is your company telling the world? Create a brand the elevates, expands, and endures.

It takes 5 to 7 impressions to build brand awareness, but it takes just 10 seconds for people to form an impression of your brand. All of the visual elements that make up your brand are the face of your company—they’re who you are and what people remember about you. From your logo to what you post on your Facebook page, building and defining the visual elements that make up your brand is essential to stand out from your competitors and establish trust with your target audiences.


As a branding agency, Mambo has been working with organizations to build impactful and memorable brands for over 20 years. From small businesses to non-profits to large enterprises we partner with teams to guide a thorough discovery, ideation, and creation process. And don’t worry, by hiring marketers that are both right and left brained we’ll ensure you’re supported in a deeply imaginative and logical manner.

Let’s elevate your brand!

    Research shows that consistent branding increases revenue by 23% and brands that are consistently presented are 3 to 4 times more likely to experience brand visibility.

    Brand Strategy & Ideation

    Bring your brand to life by defining what you value, what makes you stand out from your competition, and where you fit in the market. With hands-on workshops, co-creative ideation, and in-depth research, we work with you to document who you are as a brand and how you’ll connect with your target audience. We’ll then create a strategic and visual communications plan that resonates with both your employees and your customers.

    What you get
    • Brand mission, vision, and values
    • Brand positioning and differentiations
    • Alignment and excitement through interactive workshops
    • Ideation, concepting, and prototyping
    • Expert knowledge of communications best practices for internal and external audiences

    Logo Design & Development

    Your company logo is your brand in its simplest form; it’s essential to building trust and loyalty with your consumers. To be effective, your logo needs to be adaptable, impactful, and timeless. We collaborate with your team to build a distinct logo that clearly represents your business and differentiates your company from the competition.

    • Collaborative workshop to get a deep understanding of your goals
    • Ongoing touchpoints through the evolution of the logo, from mood boards to concept sketches to final output
    • Iterative feedback and rounds of updates
    • Strong brand authority with customers over time

    Brand Identity & Guidelines

    Your brand identity is more than just your logo—it’s a visual experience that resonates with your intended audiences and exemplifies who you are as a company. We partner with you to explore, define, and articulate the important details around how your brand is communicated both internally and externally. Our documented process gives your team the tools to correctly use your brand across all touchpoints by documenting the details of your custom colors, fonts, and visual elements for web and print.

    What you get
    • Interactive discovery workshop
    • In-depth research on audiences, industry trends, and competitors
    • Brand guidelines that are clear, concise, and document expectations and use cases
    • Creative, innovative, and modern visuals that resonate with your target audience 
    • Company-wide alignment around your brand’s visual identity

    Brand Starter Kit

    Create a branded suite of assets to set your team up for long-term success. Whether it’s unique business cards, a clean email signature, a brand-forward email template, or a fully-custom press kit, we work with you to build the right mix of tools to make an immediate impact with your intended audience and current customer base.

    What you get
    • Best practice recommendations from visual communications experts
    • A library of best-in-class assets that embody your brand identity
    • On-brand custom set of tools and easy-to-use templates
    • A detailed hand-off of files and necessary trainings
    • The foundation to take your brand to the next phase with our content marketing services 

    “Mambo comes with grace, with talent, with patience, with understanding, but at the same time with a lot of guidance. You have these visions of what you want [for your brand], but when it all comes to fruition and it all gets put on paper, that’s when it came to life for us. The final product is amazing!”

    Kristie Shelby



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