OPINION: What it’s like to work under strong female leaders

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Aug 08 2022

March 8th is recognized across the world as International Women’s Day to honor the achievements of women, raise awareness against gender bias, and publicly commit to working towards a gender-equal world. Fifty percent of Americans say they’d prefer to work at a female-led company because they’re more purpose-driven and equitable. As a woman working at a woman-led organization, I see purpose-driven energy every day. Our agency is small, but mighty, and is led by two strong women that truly believe in investing in our people and partnering with like-minded organizations. 


Working for a woman-led company as a fellow woman in marketing is not only an inspiration, but it’s validating as well. The truth is representation matters. Seeing powerful women in leadership sends the message that success is attainable. Seeing strong female leaders in action reinforces the confidence that maybe I could be like them one day, too. I’m not alone in thinking this because 71% of both men and women feel that having a female in an executive position makes them believe that they can also achieve a leadership role. 


Company culture, when done well, should come from the top down, and building an equitable workplace is rooted in inclusivity and belonging. What makes Mambo great is the abundance of kindness, patience, and encouragement our team receives from our leaders and each other. It was immediately clear within the first few days of working with the team that I truly had a support network. Not only was everyone welcoming and helpful, but genuinely interested in learning from me too. Working for a women-led business has taught me to weave empathy into every aspect of my career. This culture has created an environment that makes me feel connected to every single team member, and it’s evident in not only our team morale, but the work we produce. From CEO to production staff, and everyone in between, our entire team values building genuine relationships with one another.


The investment in our people, giving each of us the space to do what we do best, encouragement to try new things, and celebration when we learn from working through challenges, has built my confidence and resilience. And that is evidenced across the rest of my team as well. This all starts with our leaders and why I feel privileged to not only work for these women, but with them.

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