What is VividWall? A Visual Aggregator

Aug 10 2012

VividWall is a visual content social media aggregator. Billions of pieces of content are shared every day, and visual content is one of the fast growing segments within content marketing. Brands need easy-to-implement solutions to scan, monitor, moderate, curate and display visual content from the web in a manner that encourages engagement and sharing. VividWall makes this process seamless, intuitive and exciting.

Platform-Agnostic Sharing

Images are more shareable than text and often more effective at showing your story, as consumers are drowning in wordy content. User-generated content is one of the most powerful content marketing sources as it is both authentic and credible, and VividWall harnesses those conversations to display them for sharing on the user’s platform of choice. For instance, users can share an Instagram photo on Facebook or share a Tumblr picture on Twitter.


This cross-pollination of audience and platforms amplifies sharing potential, and most brands have averaged a 5-7 times increase in the number of shares after installing VividWall and a 2-3 times increase in time spent on site. And that improves SEO! Each piece of fresh content that is shared can be added to your website to be indexed by major search engines. As Google and others continue to refine their algorithms to place greater emphasis on fresh, relevant content, VividWall can give an impressive boost to your search rankings.


One of the best uses of VividWall is for events, as it updates all content in real-time, allowing participants to view their Tweets, Facebook updates, videos and Instagram photos on a large monitor that is constantly being updated with new content and saved for later viewing.


VividWall can be customized to match your brand guidelines, display and filter your platforms or preference, serve custom posts, and more. If you would like to learn more about how VividWall can fit into your marketing mix, please contact Mambo at

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