Update Your LinkedIn Profile for 2016

Mar 18 2016

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from Mambo Media CMO and student of LinkedIn, Janet Johnson.


Are you looking to launch into a new career? Need to hire a new team member but not sure where to look? Or do you want to network with people in your industry? If so, you need to be active on LinkedIn. Mambo’s CMO Janet Johnson will be teaching a free LinkedIn Workshop on Thursday, March 31st at Portland State University’s CEPE. Sign up today to ensure your LinkedIn profile meets 2016 standards.


For job seekers, brands and professionals alike, LinkedIn is a platform that you just can’t ignore. Whether you are looking to network with influencers across the globe, transition careers, explore volunteer opportunities, or build your own thought leadership in your industry, LinkedIn is an essential tool for the modern workforce. Just consider the stats:



While signing up for LinkedIn may seem like a simple task, many profiles are not optimized for search and professionals are not taking advantage of the great features the platform offers. Join Janet as she teaches you how to optimize your profile to make you more discoverable and appealing to relevant parties.


This free workshop will focus on your LinkedIn profile. It will cover:


  • How recruiters search for applicants online
  • Practical tips for crafting an effective social profile: what you need at a minimum to put your best face forward
  • Top 10 phrases to avoid in your social profile
  • How to boost your credibility online


Here is what one former student had to say about the workshop:


“I heard Janet speak at a PSU workshop on social media. She outlined why and how to use LinkedIn. I implemented her suggestions to my site, that weekend. Two weeks later I accepted an offer to working in Washington, DC for USAID. This isn’t my dream job; but it is huge leap forward. Thank you Janet for your valuable instruction.”

Judy Thompson

Register here for the event!

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